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52 Week Portrait Project – Week Five

Week five!! HOW are we in February already? Crazy! But whats perhaps more crazy is that I’m turning 30 this month and I am have a bit of a paddy getting my head around the fact I’m leaving my twenties behind, I mean, was that it? Then I check myself, what do I mean ‘Was that it?‘ over the last…

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My January Beauty Faves to Beat the Blues

My January Beauty Faves, helping to beat the blues and brighten up your vanity! Sx

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Out of Office – Weekday Green Blazer

Hey guys, Happy Friday!! Tonight i’m sharing a new look in my new Weekday Blazer that I am so so in love with. I first saw it on Lizzy Hadfield when she featured it in her testing basics video and thought she styled it up so well, I just had to have it too! These images were taken on my…

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52 Week Portrait Project – Week Four

Hello, how are we all this week? Just two portraits for you this week. My baby girl with her nanny… or my phone, more than likely watching videos of herself. And my baby boy blue. Just look at those eyes, he’s the most handsome thing on the planet. I’m sitting catching up with Call the Midwife tonight and I always…

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A Week in Photos

This post contains affiliate links. This week it has been cold. Really cold. The work on the house is still on going but I did manage to put some touches into the bedroom. We’re still waiting on new bedside tables, a shelf for above the bed and new skirtings and facings… but it’s getting there for sure! I’ve eaten eggs…

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