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Whats New From Chanel

I’ve been getting pretty brave with my make up lately, using  a lot more colour and trying different things with my teeny tiny eyelids!  In the past i’ve found it really difficult to experiment with eye colour due to my eyes being so wee, when they’re open my whole eye lid disappears and you can’t really see anything even when…

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Staying body positive in COS

I do love Cos.  You may have noticed?  During my last pregnancy i wore nothing but.  It didn’t help that i was working in Glasgow a lot, literally minutes from the store – every opportunity i’d nip in, just incase i’d missed something the previous four times i’d been in that week.  This time of course, it’s a little harder,…

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Maternity Photoshoot

Hello everyone, So a few months ago we had the opportunity to have some family photos taken at home.  It’s never been my thing to pose for a maternity shoot before, i find the concept a little cringey and very American. Kind of like the gender reveal shoots you see, lovely, but reeking of cheese.  Anyway, when i saw Aimi’s…

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Mádara Organic Skincare

This post is a paid partnership with Mádara Organic Cosmetics How do you feel about make up in the summer?  Total inconvenience right?  Agreed.  I’ve been arguing with myself, most mornings over whether or not i need to bother, as in this heat, really what is the point?  Well, i’ve got some solutions for you, not only will it feel like…

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Summer Maternity Style – Isabella Oliver

This Dress was very kindly gifted to me by Isabella Oliver so that i can show you just how great some of their pieces are.  You’ll know by now, that not compromising my personal style whilst i’m pregnant is really important to me and i feel that Isabella Oliver allows you to maintain that. So here we are, another Polka…

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