Have you heard of Nordgreen? Here’s why you should be shopping with this great Scandi watch brand

Well isn’t this a turn out for the books.  Hey guys, how the hell are you?  Firstly, I wanted to start by thanking Nordgreen for sponsoring this post, we’re about to learn all about their amazing sustainable watches and I couldn’t be happier about it. 

During this crazy COVID time we find ourselves in, the days and hours can seem to drag, working from home has meant for so many of us, keeping track of our weekly to do lists has become a challenge we’ve had to adapt to.  I’ve found the easiest way to keep on track is to do as I’ve always done and wear my watch.  Simply putting it on makes me feel more put together, more organised and it allows me to get a good start on my working day.  

When Nordgreen got in touch to tell me about their brand it was an absolute pleasure to get to know them, what their brand is about and the good their doing across the world. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark the Nordgreen office and design studio are located close together in order for the team to interact and cooperate making sure everyone involved is aligned with the brands values.  They strive to make it an inclusive respectful environment for all and it’s so wonderful to hear. 

When working with Nordgreen I wanted to select a watch that reflected my style, one I could wear every day that’s versatile and can be worn with my whole wardrobe.  The Native White Dial watch with Gold surround and black leather strap is perfect for me.  The gold compliments the rest of my jewellery and it sits on my wrist perfectly.  I love the simple design and the understated features. It isn’t clunky on my wrist and it’s so light I forget I’m even wearing it until I catch a glimpse of the lovely gold hard wear.  You can click through here to take a look for yourself. 

Nordgreen offer a wide range of strap colours and materials – from authentic leather, vegan leather, nylon to mesh. All of the watch straps are produced with environmentally friendly methods to reduce chemical pollutions which as we all know is great, we’re all trying to do our bit for the planet. 

Even the packaging is environmentally conscious.  All of which is made of FSC-certified cardboard and up- cycled felt. The eco-friendly cardboard material comes from responsibly managed forests, while the felt inside the box is made of up-cycled plastic bottles.  Doesn’t that sound like a better use for your waste?  

Now I know you’re all probably sold on Nordgreen as a brand, but just one more thing, they really care about the community as much as they care about the environment.  They support three great causes with each watch purchased at Nordgreen.  There are three brilliant causes to pick from and Nordgreen make sure the funds from your purchase is used for tangible projects through our partnered NGOs. 

Nordgreen have very kindly given me a discount code of 15% off your purchase with the code SARAH, so click through here, to take a look at the wonderful selections and pick up your new favourite accessory whilst resting assured that Nordgreen are a wonderful brand to purchase from. Sx


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  1. September 15, 2020 / 6:28 am

    What an amazing brand! And such a gorgeous watch too! Love love love! xx

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