Autumn Hair Update

Isn’t a fresh hair cut just the best thing to start a new season? I am guilty of neglecting my 6 week trim as much as the next gal but when it comes to an overhaul for a new season, I’m there with bells on. Join me as I have my Autumn Hair Update at Charlie Miller, Edinburgh.

The amazing guys at Charlie Miller had me back last week to have my colour updated and basically give my hair a bit of an MOT. I went in knowing that I wanted a subtle but effective change, a fresher look for Autumn but without making my hair dark.


If you’ve never been to a Charlie Miller salon before, you’ve absolutely gotta. I visited the new Stafford Street salon this time around and the fresh new interior is just exceptional. The Polished plaster effect on the walls and floor give the space a modern, clean and exquisitely minimal feel, right up my street. As always, the service was second to none. A menu with a choice of drinks, a full and thorough consultation followed by the best treatment I’ve ever experienced in a Salon.

For my Autumn Hair update, using L’Oréal Blonde Studio 9Levels throughout Rachel refreshed my balayage and added some Babylights to create additional touches of brightness. I was a little worried about these, but the multi-tonal lights are placed freehand, around the hairline and ends of your hair, they give you a sun-kissed, soft finish and have actually left my whole face looking sun-kissed and glowing! Rachel also used a Dialight Pearly Blush Milkshake tone-on-tone colour for maximum shine. My hair was treated throughout the colouring process with L’Oréal Professionnel’s Smartbond and shampooed using Kérastase Extentioniste shampoo and conditioner, which I have high expectations of. I got to bring some of this home and I’m hoping it’s going to give my hair a growth boost.

If you’ve never heard of Smartbond before, it is L’Oréal Professionnel’s smart ingredient that is added to your colour to minimise any potential damage & protect your hair. Smartbond is designed to protect the bonds deep within the hair & strengthen them during colouring & lightening processes, resulting in hair that is stronger, softer, and shinier. It is a two-step process which allows the colourist to protect the hair & prevent damage during a technical service. 

· SMARTBOND Step 1 contains maleic acid which works smartly during the chemical process, it limits the oxidative stress and preserves the strong bonds & captures the ions and allows the reconstruction of the weak bonds. 

· SMARTBOND Step 2 is applied to the hair once the colour or pre-lightener is removed as a pre-shampoo. It also contains maleic acid which continues to capture the ions to allow the weaker bonds to reform. It contains a blend of ceramides & polymers to provide condition & shine to the hair. 

· SMARTBOND customers can re-inforce the in salon service with Step 3, an at home conditioner that continuously strengthens the fibre week after week, allowing you to keep the outstanding salon result simply at home by using once a week for 1-3 minutes. 

Due to the change in weather conditions and the use of central heating your dry and brittle hair – often caused by excessive sun exposure during the summer – is accentuated as we venture into the autumn/ winter seasons. Regular hair treatments such as the Kérastase Fusio-Dose instant treatment which is available in 20 different combinations, are a must to keep it well-nourished. This adds strength whilst a seasonal restyle will get rid of all dry ends. Considering a colour change from summer to autumn shades will further protect your hair with an in-salon L’Oréal Smart Bond treatment this helps rebuild and strengthen damaged bonds, I’m finding this to be so great, specially at my stage of post-partum hair! The advice from the experts in the Salon is that when blow drying, always use heating protecting products, such as the Kérastase Nectar Thermique. This is a dry hair mask that primes hair for the intensity of heated styling tools. Another point to note is if using a hair straightener or a wand/tong then make sure it has direct ion technology. 

A few of the Salon directors have given us their advice on the latest trends for Autumn Hair Updates, along with their go to products to keep your hair in the best shape ever!!

AMBER SWIFT, Salon Director, Holy Corner 

Clients are looking for richer autumnal tones giving a healthier, glossier look. In line with the recently launched Nude Ombré shades there will be more salted caramel, biscuity blondes looking much richer & warmer for the seasonal change. Still balayage but with a more muted palette. 


Kérastase Ciment Thermique for strength & heat protection, also Kérastase Nectar Thermique for clients looking to moisturise their hair and prime it for the intensity of straightening and blow drying. 

ROSSLYN ORR, Salon Director, South St Andrew Street 

Key looks will see vibrant blondes and high gloss warm carmel tones complementing the Pantone toffee carmel’s and winter whites we’re seeing on the catwalks and the colours we’ll be wearing. We’ll also see much more use of accessories: brooches, clips, headbands and scarves. 


Kérastase’s Extentioniste range for strength, moisture and protection helping hair to grow. The new Thermique prevents breakage up to 92% and heat protection up to 230°. 

NATALIE COLE, Salon Director, Frederick Street Autumnal tones: blondes are warmer; brunettes are rich and deep; red heads are coppery and multi-tonal 


Shu Uemura Essence Absolue. A nourishing protective oil perfect for dressing out dry hair, calming any static caused by all the fabrics and cold weather. Also, brilliant used as an overnight treatment the night before washing in the morning. It works like a nocturnal treatment for the hair.

Now Charlie Miller are giving you an EXCLUSIVE PROMO CODE to get your own hair done by one of their Salon Experts! All details below!

If you are a completely new client to Charlie Miller or, if in the past 12 months you haven’t had an appointment in a Charlie Miller salon, you can use my exclusive promo code SF20 receive 20% off cut and colour services on your first visit. Have your Autumn Hair Update and either mention it on booking or at payment. Book online Valid until end November 2019.


  • Technical services include all colour services excluding Permanent Waving (Perms) and Permanent Straightening.
  • Prior to the application of any colour service it will be necessary to have a skin allergy patch test no less than 48 hours prior to your colour appointment. It only takes a few minutes and can be done in any salon. 
  • The promo code does not apply to treatments.

Enjoy! Sx


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