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My favourite thing to do, next to dressing myself, is dressing my children. I love it. I love picking out their outfits everyday, matching underwear and socks to their handmade knitwear and up cycled jeans. However, it can be a really tricky thing to do. Children grow, so the environmental aspect of shopping for your children can he huge. Choosing carefully, buying second hand (preloved) or buying from smaller sellers, perhaps those who recycle vintage or up cycled clothes are all really positive steps.

For me, I like to do a mix of all of these things. I am so fortunate to have very talented females on my maternal side who are a dab hand with the knitting needles. My children have had some absolutely beautiful cardigans and jumpers that will absolutely last for the next generation, isn’t wool amazing? I also like to shop from small indie sellers, a few of my faves on Instagram are Pippins Childrenswear who do the best childrens jeans, made from recycled adult Levis and Smaller Explorer, brilliant clothes at brilliant prices without compromising your ethics. I like to buy from eBay, some of the premium brands that we can’t always afford sell for amazing prices on there, but in the same breath you can get some truly great basics, vests & bodies that can be sold in bundles.

Ofcourse I love to buy my children new clothes, I love to get them something special that I’ll remember them wearing in years to come. Better yet, I like to get things they’ll both get use of, shoes especially. Arket is a brand whom I love to work with, this month they very kindly sent the children some new garms and I wanted to show them to you, as well as show you some of the other things on the website, I love – some great unisex items that will last sibling wear and tear but will not date, avoid trends folks, it’s the only way to go.

Arket do this really great thing of using their label as a promt ‘hand me downs’ Write the name of the child the item is leaving on it and pass it on to the next, it can tell a story, be the feature in many a story or memory told. The great thing being, especially for us, is that Iver will be able to wear a large portion of his sisters wardrobe, something that is really important to me when buying new clothes. Arket also offer a recycling service, you can drop off ANY unwanted textiles to their stores and they will recycle them. For more information on the concept of Arkets long lasting design visit their website here.

I am really conscious not to spoil them, not to buy absolutely everything they dane to ask for and I don’t want to accept everything that is offered as a gift. It’s not practical and it’s not sustainable in our current climate. so I write this with the greatest intent to show you a brand I love, that I buy from for myself. Who I think are trying to produce clothes for children that will last, that can be worn over and over and who are making changes to do better. Small ripples, great waves. Sx

Wrens Outfit –

Skirt –

Jacket –

Trainers –

Ivers Outfit

Romper –

T-shirt –


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