Feelin’ ma self

Okay before we go any further I have something to say. THESE ARE MY FAVOURITE PHOTOS OF MYSELF EVER! God I love Adele and I’m so so sad she’s leaving for London in September. If you come across her, you’re hashtag blessed but you should also hire her cos she is the shit.

So down to business, how nice is this outfit? If I do say so myself I am TOTALLY feeling this! Linen trousers are Uniqlo, Shirt is Uniqlo and come to think of it, so it the jumper. Belt and Bag are Topshop and Shoes are Arket. I think this is absolutely my go-to day time look for high summer, i’ll opt for linen shorts on the few hot days we might get now! The weather has actually been so amazing recently it’s such a shame that it’s taken a turn!

I am so obsessed with linen right now, my ironing pile hates it but I just love how chic and effortless it is. It’s the perfect summer fabric, and even for places like Scotland (always cold) it’s so great for layering and if it’s lined, can still be super cosy! I’ve got a really great Linen blend suit coming in a post soon and I’m excited to show you that too, thinking it could be a really great wedding guest outfit too!

Can we also just take a minute to appreciate how we went to Paris to take these photos… I wish. But how Parisian does the wonderful Edinburgh look? I love Cotes, Calum and I went here for a lunch with Iver on our anniversary and it was giving me all the Paris vibes of our honeymoon, minus the baby, ofcourse! I hope you’re all having a great weekend!


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