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Hey you guys! How are you all? I hope you had a super good weekend and you’re ready and raring for the week ahead. I find myself up, super late yet again, as I just got these images back and I was really excited to share them with you. That and the fact that I’m around 6 episodes deep into the new season of Stranger Things and I.can’t.stop.watching. Have you seen it? It’s the absolute nuts, you’ve gotta watch!

So, I was really excited to show these images to you because I’ve been working on something over the last few weeks with some beautiful gifted items from Arket. Long time followers will know that I have a long standing love affair with them as I just think their basics are amazing. That, along with their company aesthetic, just ticks all the boxes for me. As a company producing clothes for each season, I really see Arket trying to do better and that should be applauded.

Ecru is a colour that most of us fear. Whether you call it white, off white, beige… I think the proper term is Ecru and I am obsessed, I think we can admit it’s having a moment. You might be thinking that I’m absolutely mental being that I have two children, but you’d be surprised what I can keep clean at this stage. Ecru is the perfect colour to go with everything, wonderful for summer and most importantly, timeless. Investing in some Ecru for your wardrobe never looked better and it will continue to look good, for years to come. Yay!

This gorgeous Merino Jacket, which I’ve been wearing non stop for weeks. is the perfect cover up for summer nights, but up here in Scotland, it’s generally the absolute ideal jacket all day long. Granted, it’s not water proof, but the wool is built to last and the fit and texture is stunning.

I’m embracing the possible stains, but in the mean time.. don’t let anyone touch me, k?

Mixing the tones seems to work well and I think I actually prefer it to having a whole outfit in the same shade. What do you think? I’ve collated some other great Choices below that would do a perfect mix and match.

I like how the near white Vest creates dimension to the outfit, it’s also a great length, I’ve worn it with some black Acne trousers and it looked great. I’ve always been a bit funny with vests, various strap lengths making my already broad shoulders, wider, but I love this one. The cut on the side is super flattering and will be amazing for layering come winter!

The canvas trainers I chose from my Endource Edit (just so happen to be Arket too) are so versatile too, easy to clean and you can wear them with jeans, dresses, smart tailored trousers, skirts… the list goes on. I’m really trying to make informed decisions when it comes to my purchases and accepting gifts, taking a big leaf from Brittany Bathgate here and really justifying each and every penny.

I hope this has inspired you to put together your own Ecru look, if you’ve got any questions about the items I’ve talked about, just ask I’m always happy to help! I’ll just add that the links to the products are affiliate, so if you do make a purchase I can make a small commission. Cheers. Sx


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