52 Week Portrait Project Week Nine & Ten

Im sorry that there are two weeks together here, but y’know… time and I seem to have less and less of it! I don’t know when I suddenly decided that everything had to be done to a higher standard than achievable with two kids. But, at some point I started putting pressure on myself to have everything perfect all the time. Cleaning, cooking, taking the kids to groups, clubs, keeping up with my blog, my Instagram, earning money, looking nice Feeling nice, exercising…It’s true what they say, our work really is never done!

Anywaaaay, back to the kids, Iver starts solids soon so hopefully something more than teething toys and hands can go in his mouth. And it feels like Wren will be moving out any day now. They just grow so bloody fast. I can’t believe it’s March, in two months she’ll be Three and in another three she’ll start school nursery in a uniform and everything. This Mammy is not ready for that… tell me it gets easier. Sx


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