My January Beauty Faves to Beat the Blues

Hey guys, I hope you’re all really well and having an awesome weekend. I’ve had a few bits and pieces on this week which has been nice, I actually got to attend an event in Edinburgh which with two kids, is a rarity. It was sure nice to get out even if it was only for a couple of hours.

Today I’m bringing you my top hair and beauty products that I’ve been using since the beginning of January. I get asked quite regularly about the things I use on my hair and skin post baby so I thought I’d give you a round up.

I started using Nioxin before Christmas after being recommended it by a friend. It’s supposed to help thinning hair by stimulating the follicles and promoting growth. The growth that my pals hair has had over the last year using this stuff, is crazy, so I was super on board. I’ve found that it’s really helped with postpartum hair loss too, in that, Iver is almost 5 months now and my hair is still as thick as ever! The only thing with it, is the smell. I’d imagined this to smell all luxurious and delicious, when in fact it’s sort of like washing your hair with Original Source Shower Gel… the mint leaves your scalp feeling all tingly and clean, just don’t get it in your eyes, trust me.

The next two products I’ve been using this month are a hair oil spray and a hair mask. Both from Davines, the mask is an amazing hydrating fix for dry ends and coloured hair. I love it. I discovered them via the lovely Kim from Love Cloth. The little Spotlight Circle Sachet has more than enough product in it for a few uses if you’ve got relatively short hair like me, or you can really indulge and cake the whole thing on! It leaves your hair super shiny and feeling all sorts of healthy. A great filler if you’re not heading to the Salon any time soon! The second is a sort of de-tangling, shine enhancing, elixir – wonder spray that smells like Morocan Oil, which if you haven’t already had a whiff of, I implore you to do so immediately! I love this little guy, not only is he perfect for travel, (there are two sizes available) but I would buy it for the smell alone. I genuinely can’t wait to get out the shower to put this stuff on it’s that good. It’s making a real difference to the feel of my hair after a wash. As it’s so thick, this provides a really nice sheen and control that makes it more sleek and manageable! Highly recommend!

Moving onto the face. Now since Iver was born (and whilst I was pregnant) I’ve had great skin, I don’t mind admitting that, ‘cos it’s true. I have avoided spots, acne flare ups, dry skin and dark circles. Yes whilst you’re pregnant you have the ‘glow’ (usually just sweat) but afterwards its most common to lose all that and become a shadow of your former fabulous pregnant self. Well, not this time. I think now that I have two kids (and I’m shattered) and that I’ll be turning 30 soon, I felt it was time to really home in on what I like to use on my skin, and use it religiously. Oskia Renaisance Cleansing Gel is the one. I absolutely love it. It’s gentle, smells amazing, gives your skin a beautiful cleansed glow after use and a little goes a long way! I like to use this to take my make up off too, shoot me if I’m wrong, but it’s so much more gentle that your micellar waters and wipes.

Next up if the best face mask in the world! This is my third bottle of REN Glycol lactic Radiance Renewal Mask. I try to use it once a week, if I remember, and boy do I really try to remember! It’s such a treat to use, albeit rather sticky it’s a fabulous mask for giving your skin a bit of TLC.

If you follow me on IG you’ll have seen my recent bug bears with Rodial, so I’m surprised I’ve decided to include them! This little pot of Bee Venom Moisturiser i got in one of the gift sets I ordered is so nice. It’s lovely and thick, very nourishing and absolutely smells like honey! The full size is super pricey, but if you can get your hands on the small one, it’s well worth it!

Finally, we’re onto make up. I’ve been using my Chanel CC Cream sparingly since I was gifted it last year as I’m so terrified of it running out! It’s honestly the dogs. A tiny bit goes a long way and it not only has great coverage it also has SPF. All hail SPF! I think this will quite honestly be my go to foundation from here on out. It’s so light but has amazing coverage, it doesn’t transfer and it doesn’t cake or crack. It’s soft and dewy and I absolutely love it, incase you couldn’t tell!

The Mascara, The Lash Stick from Glossier, is lovely. We all know I don’t like to look too ‘made up’ I prefer a natural glow with strong brows and discreet lashes. This mascara fits the bill. The brush is dainty and is amazing, especially on the bottom lashes. The brush separates the lashes really nicely and the staying power is also really great. My only big bear with this, and it’s a tiny one, is getting it off. It’s a bit tiresome to remove. Now that could be my make up remover, or it could be the mascara. Either way, it’s not a bad problem to have! highly recommend this one!

My very last favourite goes to my new Kevyn Aucoin lash curlers. Now I usually go and have my lashes lifted and tinted, but I can’t get that done every 8 weeks when I have a toddler, baby and husband that is never home… life aint fair. So I invested in a good pair of curlers. The story goes that these guys are the next best thing to Shu Uemura who sadly stopped trading in the UK (We could blame Brexit…) and I believe the hype, they’re really great. Sturdy and the curler doesn’t slice the cushion like most curlers on the high street. You also get a replacement cushion which is always a bonus when you’re spending £17 on the curler itself.

So that’s it for my January favourites. Hoping to be back again next month with a list of the best and maybe even some of the worst things I’ve been using. Enjoy your Sunday guys, a little self care goes a long way. Sx


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