52 Week Portrait Project – Week Eight

Both of these photos were taken on my iPhone. The kids have been great this last week and Iver has finally cut his first tooth. I think the poor bugger is getting four at once! He also turns six months old in two weeks and I can’t quite believe it. It means that we’ll be starting the weaning process super soon and this time round, I’m quite looking forward to it.

Wren didn’t wean until she was ten months old, due to various complications and the whole thing was just massively traumatic for us both. She now eats like a horse and there was, of course, zero need to worry! But, try telling that to a first time Mum, am I right?

My wonderful friends Sophie started a photo album containing these photos of the kids, so I can print them off and keep the whole thing to look at over and over. What a wonderful idea, I’m going to treasure it for sure!

Hope you’re all having a class week guys! S x


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