National Soup Month With Scotty Brand

January is national Soup Month, incase you didn’t know. So this month myself and Scotty Brand are working together so showcase just how easy and delicious their Fresh Soup Kits and Ready – Made soups are. We were very kindly gifted a box of the nations favourite soups to accompany this job and I must admit this is one of the best jobs I’ve ever had. I bloody love soup!

75% of our Scottish nation choose to eat soup at least once a week, I mean, I don’t find that surprising – I was practically raised on soup. I came from a home where both my parents worked full time and soup was always a welcomed fresh and wholesome meal that could be prepared in the morning and served in the evening. That’s why I love the ready made soups and Kits from Scotty Brand. Parenting on my own with both kids can be incredibly tough and some days it really helps to have a quick dinner that takes next to no time to prepare. If I need something super quick I have the ready made pots and if I’m short of time but maybe fancy getting ahead a bit, I have the packs. I can also rest assured that the soups I am eating and most importantly giving my children are fresh, healthy, delicious and also, sourced and made right here in Scotland. Its practically shopping local but you can get both the Fresh Kits and Ready Made soups in your local Tesco, Morrisons, ASDA… all the usual suspects.

The Scotty Brand soups fit perfectly into our lifestyle. We’ve spent this week eating the most delicious lunches and I feel great knowing that they are packed full of vegetables. Seasonal and delicious, the perfect January dish when you’re sick of eating absolutely everything for the whole of Decemeber. Of course, I must add, in my humble opinion, that no soup would be quite so perfecting served unless if was accompanied by an Artisan loaf… delicious. Scotty Brand sent us an amazing sourdough (my favourite) loaf from Breadwinner Bakery. Another Edinburgh based company serving up some wonderful baked goods so if you’re in the city make sure you pick up a loaf for your morning toast… or afternoon soup, obviously. Perhaps the most wonderful thing about soup is it’s versatility, eat at home, on the go, with bread, crackers… heck some even sprinkle cheese in theirs, crazy right?

The cold winter months are all about food for the soul. Dishes that have you feeling nostalgic and craving something traditional and comforting. Scotty Brand offer a huge range of tasty fresh soups – including Lentil, Scotch Broth, Cream of Tomato, Vegetable, Pea & Ham, Chicken & Rice, Carrot & Coriander, so I’m pretty sure, whatever you grew up eating round your Granny’s on a winters afternoon, Scotty Brand will have it.

Scotty Brand soups are a permanent fixture in our home now, I’ve fallen completely head over heels for them, and I know you will too!



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