52 Week Portrait Project – Week Four

Hello, how are we all this week? Just two portraits for you this week. My baby girl with her nanny… or my phone, more than likely watching videos of herself. And my baby boy blue. Just look at those eyes, he’s the most handsome thing on the planet.

I’m sitting catching up with Call the Midwife tonight and I always feel all emotional about my babies when I watch it. Wren and Iver are both getting over coughs, colds, conjunctivitis and chest infections, we’ve had a proper week of it. I’m so looking forward to them both being back their old selves and hearing the words ‘I’m so hungry Mummy’ on repeat. That’s Wrens favourite thing to do, eat. Or snack, she constantly grazes, all day and still puts her dinner away in the evening. She’s amazing at trying different things, unless they’re spicy, she’d rather have something like fish pie!

I feel like we’ve really turned a corner with Iver and his sleeping now too. The poor wee guy just couldn’t settle in the early evening due to wind build up and as soon as he was horizontal in his cot, he was up again. However now, well, now I have my evenings back, which is taking some getting used to. I miss him being in my arms, but it’s been lovely having some time to myself and I’m hoping he keeps it up when his Dad comes home. Calum and I might actually be able to sit and watch a film together, crazy!



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