Staying body positive in COS

I do love Cos.  You may have noticed?  During my last pregnancy i wore nothing but.  It didn’t help that i was working in Glasgow a lot, literally minutes from the store – every opportunity i’d nip in, just incase i’d missed something the previous four times i’d been in that week.  This time of course, it’s a little harder, i’m not out on the road anymore and i rarely get to Glasgow at all, Edinburgh needs to get it’s shit together with this one.  So i’ve resorted to online shopping, mostly in secret whilst Calum is away and then declaring that ‘Oh i’ve had that for ages’ So being that i can’t get to the stores to check out the latest, i thought i would list my current Cos favourites that have caught my eye and show you how i’ve styled my favourite new dress that will see me through the next two months and beyond… minus the breastfeeding stage.

I love a Cos dress.  I love the oversized yet tailored style and even when you are wearing something that is a couple sizes too big it doesn’t look out of place, it just sits like it’s meant to be.  I have found this season particularly difficult to dress as it’s been so flippin’ hot and finding something light and airy that fits and flatters a 7 months baby bump as well as the extra llbs, is no easy feat. I’ve missed wearing all the beautiful linen everyone else has been rocking, but this is for sure making up for it!

I think it’s important to touch on the fact that i find being pregnant really difficult, physically.  I’m a woman who the minute she finds out she’s pregnant starts gaining weight and fluid like a dam.  Yes, i am gaining life’s most precious gift (and for that i am eternally grateful) at the end of it but whilst i need to wait on their arrival and navigate more hormones it’s really tough watching your body change when you have no control.

I am endeavouring to be positive, i think the most important thing to try and remember is that i am growing another person, a fully formed head, arms and legs inside of my tummy, if that’s not enough to blow your mind, i don’t know what is.  If i gain some weight in the meantime, then so be it, it came off last time and it can come off again, if it doesn’t then hey ho, i’ll navigate that bridge when the time comes.  I will spend my time loving myself in front of my children, loving my lumps and my bumps, my insanely lop sided tatas and my chafing thighs.  They do, so why shouldn’t i? Loving themselves is one of the most positive lessons i can teach to my children and if one day they turn around to me and list the things they don’t like about themselves, like i know i’ve done to my own Mum, but heart will break.  Because to me, they (the one here and the one inside me) are perfect, every inch of them and i will tell them that every day till there isn’t a breath left in my body.


So on that note if you’re still with me, i’ve made myself cry and i’m off to watch love Island and get my shit together! Thanks for listening! Sx


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  1. Melanie
    July 16, 2018 / 11:01 pm

    A beautiful post! It also found it hard to feel like myself when my body was growing and doing things I wasn’t used to. I love your message at the end about your little ones though. Oh so true xx

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