Mádara Organic Skincare

Mádara Organic Skincare

This post is a paid partnership with Mádara Organic Cosmetics

How do you feel about make up in the summer?  Total inconvenience right?  Agreed.  I’ve been arguing with myself, most mornings over whether or not i need to bother, as in this heat, really what is the point?  Well, i’ve got some solutions for you, not only will it feel like your face has a nice wee glow but you’ll be protected from this glorious sunshine and all that will appear are your freckles.

Scotland and the UK in general have been uncharacteristically hot for the past few weeks, (even at 30 weeks pregnant, i’m not complaining) But it means i’m caught out on my summer skincare and makeup – i barely need to use it, it’s never usually this hot.  I do however understand the importance of looking after your skin in the sun and despite my protests, it must be done.  I’m naturally pretty fair and freckly, and my pale Scottish skin shits itself a little bit when the sun shows his face.  I find applying cream such a chore, it’s sticky and ruins your clothes, it’s impossible to get it on by yourself and you have to constantly reapply making it not just boring but a pain… specially for the bits you can’t reach!

This summer, I have started to use Mádara Organic Cosmetics, both as an alternative to make up and also as my sun protection.  I’ve really fallen in love with these two products i was sent to try, and i’m on to my second tube of each!  Firstly, the SPF30 Age-Defying Face Sunscreen.  This breakthrough mineral-based natural face sunscreen ensures broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection with an invisible, flawless finish.  It isn’t caky, it’s not over oily and once it has settled in, it feels amazing!

The SPF30 formula with patent-pending stem cells from Northern Dragonhead delivers a hyper-dose of antioxidants, great for city living as it shields against urban pollution.  It also protects the skin microbiome and regenerates it for a 360° age-defying effect. It works to prevent all types of sun damage, including dryness, wrinkles, pigmentation, dark spots and loss of volume, so not only are you avoiding the burn, you’re giving yourself a little treat for the face at the same time!

It is Ultra light, has a subtly tinted texture so it works perfectly as an alternative to foundation but is 100% invisible on the skin. it’s suitable for men and women, and we all know how men need to be encouraged with this sort of thing too.   I’ve been applying this on its own or over my daily moisturiser and it has made such a difference to my skin – better yet, it’s in the sale!!

If i’ve felt like i need a little bit more coverage, i’ve been adding in the City CC Cream with SPF15 in a lovely light beige.  Nobody likes to slap on foundation in this heat, so this silky textured, natural SPF15 formula is a prrrfect alternative.

Combining multiple skin care benefits and beautifying action for a flawless, yet natural looking finish the Mádara Organic Skincare CC cream has been my go-to every time my skin has needed a little correction.  I just apply a small amount to the back of my hand, and dab on where i would usually apply my foundation.  I find using my fingers best for this as it seems to absorb into a beauty blender or brush.  Much like the Sunscreen, this anti-pollution CC cream corrects all skin tone imperfections, including dullness, redness (if you did get caught short in the sun) sallowness and dark spots.  It’s super light, wont clog your pores so is the ultimate make up bag essential for a summer evening out or holiday in the sun, it is deeply hydrating a must have for every urban dweller.

Do your skin a favour this summer, stay safe, hydrated and worry free and make sure you use an SPF.  Mádara are very kindly giving all my followers and readers a happy Discount on their purchases (which fyi Lasts ALL YEAR) just use the code : SARAHLOUISEFERG when checking out and get an extra 10% off your order! Happy face, happy bank account, what more could you want?



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