Helping to Clean Up Scotland

Today, Wren and i spent our Bank Holiday Monday in Edinburgh doing our bit alongside 30-40 others, helping to Clean up Scotland.  This Campaign was run by McDonalds, and it brought together employers, volunteers, fundraisers, the lot.  Everyone with the same goal in mind – Helping to clean up Scotland.  This event is just one of a number of McDonald’s clean-ups taking place across Scotland as part of their anti-littering campaign.  The campaign continues to encourage local communities to take action and work together to tackle litter in their area and the partnership between McDonalds and Keep Scotland Beautiful is set to last eight years!

This morning, we all gathered at Calders Gate, on the Canal, a place where litter is rife not only on the water side, but in the water itself.  Armed with out high-vis jackets, our gloves and litter pickers we started our way along the bank.   We began with a very informative chat with with John McGowan and we were told what to look out for and how to keep ourselves safe… there was a brief mention of rats.  Now we stayed on foot, walking along picking from wherever we could safely reach and there was all sorts.  We even saw some people, who were picking from a boat, pull out a bike. A BIKE!

We all had a goal to fill a big black bag with whatever we could clear and if there was need for more, plenty were provided.  Wren and i filled ours and we dropped them off at the end of our trail to be collected and moved.  Others had done the same and as we walked back we spotted the bags on the banks of the river that had been collected by the people in canoes.  It really was astounding just how much crap people have dumped in there.

It wasn’t all bad though, we did see some lovely Ducks, some Swans with their Signet babies and the weather was bea-utiful.  We left after a good few hours walking back and forth filling our bag, doing our bit.  It felt really good that i had Wren there with me, i was showing her people doing something good, something great.  And isn’t that what we all want to do?  Instil in our kids just how important it is to look after our planet and our wildlife.

In addition to some larger scale litter events, McDonalds is committed to finding different ways to reduce, reuse and recycle in their restaurants.  I had no clue, but for over 35 years McDonalds staff have carried our at least three litter patrols every day in the areas surrounding their restaurants, collecting whatever they can, regardless of where it has come from.  From this month onwards, McDonalds will be testing paper straws in some of it’s UK restaurants and the plastic ones will be taken behind the till, this hopefully will reduce the amount being used and will encourage the customers to reconsider whether they really need one or not.  This year McDonalds is also celebrating 10 years of powering its delivery fleet with recycled biodiesel, 40% of which is taken from cooking oil sourced from the restaurants in the UK.

So, a fabulous morning feeling like we’ve really done our bit for the community and i would encourage you to do the same.  This post was sponsored by McDonalds, but all content, views and good feels are all my own 🙂



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