Test Driving the Range Rover Velar

Test Driving the Range Rover Velar

This post is sponsored by John Clark and Pentland Land Rover, but all views are my own. Last week, Wren and i took a trip out for the day.  We stopped by our nearest Pentland Land Rover Garage and picked up the brand New Range Rover Velar to test drive on our little trip.  Now, i don’t know about any of you, but i have dreamed of owning a fancy car like this for a long, long time.  My husband still does so he was extra gutted he couldn’t come with us.  We picked up the car, packed up all our belongings for the day (anyone else still amazed with how much a toddler needs?) and headed out on the Edinburgh bypass towards Glasgow.

I was a little (a lot) terrified as i’ve never driven an automatic car before and that was the first big difference i noticed after getting in the car. The Velar has no clutch and no gears, so does that mean no stalling?  Yes, my friends, it does! I managed to pick the driving part up fairly quickly and my left leg got a nice rest. The car has an automatic stop/start so when you do come to a junction or traffic lights and put on the break, the car just shuts off and when you accelerate, it starts. Bonus.

Wren loves animals so much right now, so we took a trip to Five Sisters Zoo to see what creatures we could see! If you’ve ever been, this place is a little off the beaten track so the built in Sat Nav inside the Range Rover was a godsend.  I was a little worried about the weather too as it’s been so unpredictable lately but up high in the Velar you literally feel like you could drive through anything, and we pretty much did.

We made it to the zoo and got ourselves organised, the smart key that comes with the car was great.  It meant that i didn’t need to worry about dropping a toddler whilst fumbling for my keys in my pocket. A simple button touch to the door handle meant the car locked straight away and on our return opened just as easily with the key in my pocket!

The Zoo was nice and quiet but a little cold, we visited the Otters and meerkats. Some other more reptile like creatures, that Wren wasn’t all that keen on but waved from a safe distance.

We were a little disappointed that we didn’t get to see some of the bigger animals, Monkeys, Bears and rescue Lions, but we understood they wanted to keep warm and cosy inside. Believe us, we sure are two girls who get that!

After we finished with the Zoo, Mama needed a coffee so we headed to Livingston Outlet to grab a coffee to go, cos, CUP HOLDERS GUYS!!  This is where i really found the parking sensors and rear cameras handy.  I hate bay parking and i hate parking in spaces around lots of cars. I was able to get the car in without a scratch and without sweating through my shirt.  Win win!

You can check out more details on whats inside the Range Rover Velar, here. The things this car can do are pretty insane and i was super gutted that we had to drop it back off at the garage and pick up our old trusty estate. I’m hoping this isn’t the last i see of this beauty, maybe one day we’ll meet again.  Now, wheres that lottery ticket?


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