February Favourites

Jeez Loueez it’s been a while hasn’t it?  My ability to keep up with things on this space this year has been less than adequate so i figured i could start off with something easy to stick with.  Favourites.  I’m planning to give you guys a rundown of my favourite things from the last month.  So whether that’s clothes, beauty, books, toddler stuff, my aim is to bundle it all together here each month!  Let’s hope i can stick to it.

We are on the last day of February today and we’ve got more snow that i’ve ever seen before in my life.  I’m talkin’ red weather warnings, the lot!  If you could see out my window right now, i’m not sure you’d even believe it! My poor dog would disappear if i tried to walk her!  Anyway, today seemed like the perfect day to utilise nap time with some writing.  Over January and February i’ve started reading a lot more, i’ve changed up my skin care and i’ve bought a few new bits i think are worth noting, so here we go!

  1. The Ordinary – Niacinamide 10% & Zinc 1%

Now, this stuff is not to be sniffed at. For only £5 you get 30ml of some of the best stuff i’ve ever put on my face!  It’s formulated to help oily skin, huge pores and breakouts by soothing and smoothing with two of the best skin care ingredients ever.  And guys, it works.  Put it on after cleansing and toning but before your moisturiser and trust me you’ll feel the difference almost instantly! I use it morning and night and i’ve been going for around a month now… 30ml goes a long way, but for £5 i’ll be stocking up asap.

2. The Girls – By Emma Cline

So in January i decided that it was about time that i upped my reading game.  I used to read all the time, then Instagram happened, and being a mum happened and gradually along with several others things that i ‘should be doing’ it got further and further down my list of priorities. Time for a change, time for some ‘me time’. I made a conscious effort to settle in early and read and The Girls was my first book (not ever, but this year) Written by Emma Cline.  I was told this would be a can’t-put-it-downer but i wasn’t prepared for just how much i wanted to keep reading it, even after i finished it.  It’s a tragic, heartbreaking story based on the Manson Family.  Have you read this?  What did you think?

3. Monstera Plant

Okay, yes everyone has had one of these since the dawn of 2017 but i’m late to the party and try as i might, haven’t been able to find one anywhere for love nor money.  All that changed last week though, one of my best friends got one for me, for my Birthday.  To say i’m pretty excited is an understatment.  It has taken pride of place in my bedroom by the window and i just love it.  It needs a name though, so if you’d like to submit your answers for consideration, that would be much appreciated!

4. Big Earrings

I have always been a stickler for keeping to what i know, jewellery wise.  I wear the same rings, watch and necklace every day and i very seldom change them.  My ears have been home to several piercings over the years and are still housing at least four on each side.  I am however a little braver with what i’m wearing in them these days.  I have been trying out some larger earrings in the bottom, without a necklace and really letting them steal the show.  Statement earrings, to me, are something that comes with age and sophistication, as in, you can only wear them when you can really wear them! I’m talking Diane Keaton and Iris Apfel, bold statement pieces worn by beautiful confident women! They just ooze cool, to me and i can’t wait to be like them when i grow up! These earrings are from Mango (Sadly seem to be out of stock) and they give me all the Mr Larkin and Paloma Wool vibes.




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