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Calum and i went home to my parents house with Poppy on Sunday, just for a wee chill out and to visit some relatives.  It’s always nice to head back home, although insanely quiet, the Borders is just beautiful, there’s soooo much country side, so many great sights that you don’t really appreciate until you don’t live there anymore.  Poppy…

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Urban 90’s

Whilst in Glasgow this week, i put all my faith in to the shopping district and went without an outfit for the night.  Brave? Stupid? Who knows, but it worked out rather well in the end.  I think one of the worst things you can do is go out in search of an outfit that you’ve put together in your…

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Autumn Nails

Around once a month i go to visit my lovely friend Shanon at SL. Nail Design to have my nails fixed, she always does such a fabulous job, coming up with new designs and colour combos.  If you live in the area and are in search of someone to sort out your digits, she’s your girl.  We’re always sending each other…

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So yesterday we all headed to Glasgow to see Sam Smith at the O2 ABC which we’ve had booked for what seems like forever.  We booked the tickets back at the start of the year for lovely Dan here’s Birthday, and we also arranged for his best pal from back home in London to come along with us, we’re good huh? Obviously…

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H&M crinkled skirt Grey Marl Jumper Choies Black Quilted Bag H&M Leather belt Topshop Leather Jacket- Old.  Similar here  Yesterday called for a little impromptu Garden shoot once the rain had stopped, I did get a bit of a soggy backside sat on that step though, which left a rather nice mossy mark on my bum afterwards. Oh well, C’est la vie as the…

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