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Bandwagons Full, Please Catch Another.

Items in this post have been gifted in exchange for content imagery. Hello you lot, I hope you’re all super well? How do you like my new coat? It’s the perfect little Spring throw on isn’t it? I love the tailored fit and the lightweight fabric is fab for these slightly warmer days. A perfect transitional piece for your Spring…

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52 Week Portrait Project Week Eleven

I think these are my favourite portraits to date. They capture each personality perfectly. Iver has turned 6 months and is beginning his food journey and Wren Is every inch the helpful big sister! God I love those faces! Sx

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Strike the Chord

Just a few shots from my last shoot with Jamie. I’m finding getting out to shoot pretty hard at the minute, between the children, the weather and the location. It’s a hard slog, but I think I might have found someone local to me who might be able to help me out a bit. Yay. I’m completely in love with…

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52 Week Portrait Project Week Nine & Ten

Im sorry that there are two weeks together here, but y’know… time and I seem to have less and less of it! I don’t know when I suddenly decided that everything had to be done to a higher standard than achievable with two kids. But, at some point I started putting pressure on myself to have everything perfect all the…

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52 Week Portrait Project – Week Eight

Both of these photos were taken on my iPhone. The kids have been great this last week and Iver has finally cut his first tooth. I think the poor bugger is getting four at once! He also turns six months old in two weeks and I can’t quite believe it. It means that we’ll be starting the weaning process super…

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