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The White Shirt Edit

The summer really is the time that trends take on a life of their own. I have found myself at times, getting a little carried away, and i think it’s time to reign it in, just a little.  Shopping is my thing, i love it, and when Calum is away it makes me feel better.  But, when i’m sat in…

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Staying Comfortable but Stylish Whilst Pregnant

i love a good sweater.  I’ve been waiting all Summer long to wear this one and the Burnt Tan one i bought back in June. I had a view of them being the only things left to fit me in the next week or so, and i might be right.  I must admit when they arrived, i did worry i’d…

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Zara co-ords fit for a bump

At this stage in pregnancy the only thing i can really appreciate is comfort.  I’ve been eternally jealous this summer of everyone in their linen co-ords, wrap dresses, vests.  All of which have been a no go for my ever expanding waistline.  When you love fashion as much as i do, it’s a challenge, let me tell you!  Alas enter…

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Staying Connected with Kronaby

In the midst of the new Instagram update, where we will be able to monitor our time on the app, set a limit on the amount of time we spend there and also mute our notifications.  It’s the perfect time to introduce you to Kronaby.  If you’re like me and you pretty  much manage your life from your phone, your…

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The Edinburgh Food Studio

On Wednesday evening Calum and i had a rare night off to attend the taster evening of the Edinburgh Food Studio.  It was a wonderful evening  to launch their new dishes, introduce their new Head Chef and announce their new opening times.  Formerly known as a food lab, the Edinburgh Food Studio will now trade not only as a lab…

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