Looking for Black Friday Discounts? Heres a little something from Nordgreen.

Black Friday is just around the corner and Nordgreen have very kindly given my readers a discount code BBC35 that will give you the chance to purchase one of their watches at a third of the price! Now I know 2020 hasn’t exactly been great, but it’s pick me ups like this  that really soften the blows  that just keep comin’

I wrote about Nordgreen first a couple months ago. I told you all about the brand and their ethos and I was super impressed with them as a company. Since that post went live I have been wearing their watches everyday. Now that I have tried and tested Nordgreen’s beautiful watches I can safely say that they are some of the best watches I have ever worn. Comfortable and sleek and not heavy at all, despite the lovely metal links and face. 

What I love most is the simple design and the ‘wear with anything’ style of Nordgreen watches. The simple mechanics within the face allow for the straps to be changes very easily meaning that you can change up your look in seconds. I love that there is also an option to choose the thickness of your strap, making these unisex designs perfect for men and women. Just keep an eye out on your bedside table for your partner taking a swipe for your watch. 

This Christmas is, more than ever about making the most of the season as much as we can. Making a purchase from one of Nordgreen’s brilliant gifting bundles means that you’ll also be giving back. Nordgreen takes care of that for you. Once you’ve purchased a watch, you’ve done the hard part. There is no additional cost to donate all you have to do, is select your cause. 

Nordgreen have 3 partner NGOs that you can choose from. Learn more about their initiatives here. After selecting your watch and choosing your cause, after it arrives you can then locate your watch’s serial number, found on the back of your watch, and its identification code, found on the Certificate of Authenticity inside of the watch box, and enter this information in the boxes online. You’ll then be find all the information you’ll need about your contribution to your chosen charity.  

When checking out, just use the code BBC35 and enjoy the savings! Happy Holidays folks. Sx 

So without further adieu, I give you the discount code you’ve all been waiting for, one that will give you so much saving you’ll think there’s been a mistake.  BBC35 The code is valid from November 21st until December 1st and you can use it on the entire Nordgreen range.   If it were me, I’d definitely go for the Native and select a couple of the gorgeous straps.  I love mine so much and really like switching it to the brown leather when I feel like a change.  There are heaps more styles you can check out here.


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