Edinburgh Tooth Whitening with New Town Dental

Last month I took a trip to Newtown Dental in Edinburgh as I had been invited in to experience their teeth whitening service. I’ve always wanted to have my teeth whitened, I have naturally quite ‘milky’ teeth and I’ve forever been paranoid that they were yellow so this was an amazing opportunity I couldn’t pass up!

On my first visit to Newtown, I met with Jonathan, one of the dentists, and we discussed the tooth whitening process and what would need to happen in order to get the best results. For a start I would have to give up Coffee and red wine… hard to do, I must say! But in order to get the best results most food and drink that can stain your teeth so be abstained from, just for the time being.

The kit is from Philips, the Zoom, Nite White take – home whitening kit. It contains 6 x 2.4ml syringes that contain the Carbamide Peroxide + ACP that will whiten your teeth. During my first visit Jonathan also fitted me for the trays that would sit comfortably in my mouth and hold the gel over my teeth. At every use the gel is dispensed into the trays you should make sure to fill the tooth moulds with the gel so that it is spread throughout.

I used my kit over the course of three weeks. I used the trays at night when I slept as this was the easiest time to wear them and I didn’t notice them much at all after the first few nights. I will say that to begin with I found it quite weird and uncomfortable, but when you are doing something as alien as this, it’s only natural that it take some getting used to. I used the majority of the gel solution during my whitening experience but I still have three remaining syringes that I can use further down the line as a ‘top up’. It is recommenced that you do this a year after your initial treatment and continue the top up for a week.

The procedure itself costs £340 but I would say that after seeing my results I would 100% pay that to have it done again. I am so impressed with the results and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience watching as my smile got brighter! This is such a great service if you were planning your wedding and wanted to make sure you had that extra special white smile, or like me and over time your teeth have discoloured.

I also asked it if were possible to purchase the gel separately after you had completed your treatment, which it is. If you finished your treatment but in a few years time find you would like to go through it again, a quick consultation and re purchasing the gel only should suffice, you can get away with using the same trays as before, provided your teeth haven’t changed dramatically over that time. I thought this was a great point as its definitely a bonus when considering purchasing this.

Having this done really doses do wonders for your self esteem and I honestly don’t think my teeth have ever looked better! If you follow me on Instagram you can head over there and catch my IGTV video where I document the process in a little more detail! Sx



  1. June 27, 2019 / 9:25 pm

    Do you know if this whitening procedure damages the teeth? E.g. I have heard from some friends that they had sensitive teeth after a whitening treatment because the enamel is very lightly damaged because of the chemicals. Would this be safe from that perspective?

    Thanks so much, your results are amazing!

    • sarahcolvine
      July 12, 2019 / 12:46 pm

      There was some light sensitivity during the procedure, however if you use the correct toothpaste and also do as the dentist says with regard to the length of time you use/wear the trays, you should be absolutely fine 🙂 Sx

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