Throwing A Party With Hobbycraft

This post is sponsored by Hobbycraft.

This weekend we threw Calum a party for his 30th Birthday. This is the first time I’ve ever thrown a proper party in this house so needless to say I was bricking it right up until the last minute. I was convinced I’d forgotten to buy ice, that I hadn’t got enough wine and that no-one would like gin… of course there was nothing to worry about and it all went great! The one thing I didn’t have to worry about, were the decorations!

As part of my sponsored work with Hobbycraft they very kindly gifted us the supplies we would need for the party! I love that you can literally log on, fill up your basket and check out with absolutely everything you need. There was no hoo-ha about buying balloons in one place or helium elsewhere as everything I needed was already right there online. One of the reasons we love Hobbycraft is because of the range of products they have!

My favourite thing about the party was the Gin Bar. I wanted to make it so that people would be happy to help themselves but I also wanted it to look prettier than just plonking it all on the kitchen counter. Enter my Wooden bottle crate and artificial grass! You can shop the full range of wooden accessories here. I think this really made the table look great, acting as a centre piece and also creating a really lovely Spring countryside theme, a sort of picnic vibe!

Writing this post and looking back on this food makes me realise just how much I didn’t get to eat, do you find that? Hosting really is a full shift isn’t it? Now, we also ordered a heap of balloons for the house, I love balloons, and Hobbycraft very kindly sent us some helium which allowed us to blow these up easily! I loved that I was able to coordinate my balloons, plates, cups, straws and bunting. It wasn’t intentional to go for Gold, but I think it worked out quite well!

Another super fun thing we did was set up a Photo Booth. We got the backdrop and Birthday banner along with the props and set them out next to the table. I think Calum and I were the only ones who really took advantage but this would be great for a hen do or stag, and there are so many different props you can get online!

I figured that we better cater for the kids, seeing as we had our own Gin Bar, it only felt right that we got the wee ones something fun too. The Piñata were amazing, the kids loved them! I filled them with Haribo and managed to get the kids to really go to town on the pink unicorns. Bonus, no-one was hurt and they all handles the stick worryingly well!!

This is the third time we’ve worked with Hobbycraft, they really are our go to for all crafts, and party supplies. It makes things so so easy for planning and when you’ve got one million other things on your plate, that is exactly what you need! Calum and our friends had a great time, everyone ate, drank and socialised until it was time to get the kids to bed, ahhhh adult life! I do love being the host, but I reckon I’ll leave it a little while before I plan the next one!! Pass me a gin, I’m exhausted! Sx


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