Baliage Update @ Charlie Miller

A couple of weeks ago now, I went to visit Charlie Miller in Edinburgh to have my Baliage spruced up for the summer! This was very kindly gifted to me so I am super grateful as it was a wonderfully rare day in town, on my own… Bliss!

Now I’ve had a baliage for well over a year now, and come the summer I always like to have the blonde lightened so it feels super summery and bright. The girls took super good care of me and listened to what I wanted exactly. I came away feeling lovely and like I’d had a gorgeous morning with friends.

If you’ve never been to Charlie Miller then let me tell you, it’s an experience. A menu is presented on seating with such options as Tea, Coffee, Gin or Prosecco to keep you hydrated whilst you have your treatments. Because I went at 10am I opted for Coffee, but the last time I was in I indulged in a Prosecco and felt oh so fancy!

The girls had a good look at my hair and we chatted about what would look good and which blonde tone would come off better. I felt really reassured by the girls who are super professional and very, very good at their job. I learnt from them all about the scheme Charlie Miller have in house, to train up their apprentice stylists and colourists. It’s always amazing to hear how a company values their employees.

Because I have dark hair, it takes a super long time to lighten. I was there for four hours, which was fine as not at any point did I feel like the girls were rushing or in need of my chair ,which is lovely. I felt like a very valued client.

The Salon itself on Fredrick Street in Edinburgh, is super chic. It’s lovely. Clean, light and as the day went on and the Salon got busier it still maintained a lovely atmosphere unlike some salons were you feel you’re choking on hairspray and sweating under the lights.

I asked Rachel to put a subtle wave in my hair so it really showed off the colour and I think it looks great. I also came away with some amazing products, including the silver toning shampoo which I’ve been using at home and I love! I’m sometimes slightly terrified by purple shampoo but this one is great and really maintains a lovely colour!

You can check out the full range of products here which I can highly recommend, and you can book via this link! I can’t wait to go back for a little blow dry every now and again as it feels like such a treat!

Id love to hear what you think, and what you like to have done to your hair during the summer. Sx


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