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Hey, hey you lovely lot. Thanks for sticking around. I honestly wonder how many people read what I put up here sometimes, every once in a while I wonder if blogs are still relevant? What do you think? I guess the same can be said for most things, as god only knows how touch and go my relationship with Instagram is. Don’t get me wrong, I love creating content for my blog, it never feels like a chore. I love working with Adele and getting some great imagery to show you. So I guess that’s my answer isn’t it? I love it, so I’ll keep doing it, even if it is just my Mum who reads this. Hi Mum.

So, lets get to it. To be totally transparent about this, I saw a lot of fellow influencers begin to work with Arket and I got that sudden feeling of Fomo and the imposter syndrome started to creep in. Then I thought to myself, I love Arket, I always have and I shop there all.the.time for both myself and the children why can’t I work with them too? So I stuck my big girl pants on and I contacted them myself.

This is something that can be done by influencers and bloggers if they really want to work with a brand and I see no shame in reaching out. Whats the worst that can happen? This time Arket came back to me with a yes, and I was delighted, I got to pick out some bits and I’ve been waiting to shoot them with Adele for weeks, I’m so excited to share the photos!

I worked with Arket last year on a post including Spring dresses but I feel since then my style has evolved. Since having Iver I’m feeling much more comfortable in my skin and I feel like I’ve really tapped into my own self confidence and style and I’m rolling with it.

I chose this oversized poplin Shirt in a blue pin stripe with the most amazing cuffs and these Overdye Jeans in Regular. The shoes I’m wearing are also Arket flat leather mules, but I bought those myself. The jeans are my new favourites, they’re a mid rise, which is a bit different for me but I find they fit so, so well. I’ve been wearing them for a few weeks now and they’ve maintained the shape and colour really well. They’re a bit more expensive than my beloved Weekday jeans at £59 but I still think that is super reasonable for good denim.

I’m so obsessed with this shirt too, I’ve really been loving styling a thin sweatshirt over my shoulders lately, it’s perfect for Spring really. I’m feeling very 80s but I think it works. Diane Keaton is my spirit animal and subconsciously I’ve been channeling her in a lot of my outfits lately! The Mules, I haven’t really taken off since I bought them. I’ve got so much time for Arket shoes, I also have a pair of boots and they’re amazing. The mules are so comfy and great for just slipping on to run up town for errands, to drive in, walk the dog (on a flat clean surface) I literally cannot get enough!

As a lasting thought, I’m thinking of changing up my theme so I’ve got much more control and I can edit everything myself. I do Love the way it looks right now, but I feel like it needs to evolve and roll with the times! Let me know what you think! Sx



  1. Amy
    May 17, 2019 / 10:36 pm

    Love your style, Sarah. I still read blogs (evidently!) and think there’ll come a time when those who maintain one will be grateful. None of us own our space or content in social media, after all… xxx

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