At this stage in pregnancy the only thing i can really appreciate is comfort.  I’ve been eternally jealous this summer of everyone in their linen co-ords, wrap dresses, vests.  All of which have been a no go for my ever expanding waistline.  When you love fashion as much as i do, it’s a challenge, let me tell you!  Alas enter the Zara co-ords…

The latter stages have been tougher, but now that the temperatures are cooling down and we’re heading into the glorious season of orange and caramel i’m embracing the new collections hitting the high street.  I’ve loved shopping in Zara this pregnancy.  They are one of the few places that regularly do trousers with and elasticated waist, and also maintain a collection that is comfortable and versatile for all shapes (note they now sell XL!!)

I bought this outfit in store without trying it on.  Changing rooms and i are not on the best of terms right now.  Plus is was a roasting day and the queue was intense.  Luckily, when i got home and tried it on, i fell in love! Not only is it comfy, it’s light and airy without being excluded to a summer piece.   I’ll definitely be wearing this post baby, so long as i can nip a boob out on demand for feeding, we’ll be on to a winner!

I think the best thing about this outfit is how chic i feel in it, and how the compliments have made me feel!  I don’t deny that i find being pregnant hard and i find getting large even harder.  So when i can find something to wear that makes me feel like $1million i reckon you all need to know about it!  it may look like pyjamas to some, but make no mistake this was made to be seen!

I love how Claire has captured these images too – i really do feel at my best and the light is just… MWAH!  I’ve really enjoyed working with a photographer recently and if you’re looking for a freelance camera person to take your blog images in Edinburgh and surrounding areas, i can highly recommend this little love- she’s great!!

Just for you – i’ve linked and suggested a few of my other favourite co-ords from Zara that are available this season for late Summer/Autumn.  Clearly none of the models are pregnant, but all of the trousers here have elasticated waistbands and the tops are lovely and floaty meaning whether you’re pregnant or not, these guys are made to flatter!

Zara Co-ord Zara Co-ord Zara co-ord Zara co-ords







Bead bag

cat eye glasses



















Topshop Pointed Mules

Click on the photos to be taken directly to the site and whilst you’re there, you can check out my sunglasses and my bag – both also from Zara!  Some of the accessories this season have been so on point i feel like i’ve never owned so many sunnies – but then it could also have something to do with the weather?  I’ve also linked in my shoes, which are a great Acne Studios Dupe from Topshop.  Real leather pointed mules, great for slipping on and running (haha) around town!

Where did you shop for your summer wardrobe?  Have you been pregnant in the summer and found dressing impossible?  I’d love to hear where you shopped and how you coped!



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