The summer really is the time that trends take on a life of their own. I have found myself at times, getting a little carried away, and i think it’s time to reign it in, just a little.  Shopping is my thing, i love it, and when Calum is away it makes me feel better.  But, when i’m sat in the evening with a rainbow bead bag in my Topshop basket, i know it’s time to have a word with myself.  Enter the White Shirt Edit, my first of a few edits i’m putting together containing items your wardrobe actually needs, that wont date and that will take you from Spring through to Winter and repeat.  I can hear your bank account singing already!

I think a white shirt is an absolute classic.  Whatever your style is fitted, oversized or boho… a white shirt can take on many roles.  Pair it with jeans and some slides for a casual weekend look.  Running out to brunch on a hangover? That crisp, chic collar makes you look like you haven’t touched a Gin in months. Hell, you could even style it up with a pair of yoga pants and take Sports luxe to a new level.

We usually think of a white shirt for the office, never for fun and certainly never if you have kids, well why not?  I try to always wear what i want to wear, regardless of what i’m doing with Wren that day.  I don’t believe in compromising my style for anyone, even my kids (just don’t ask me how i feel about the scuff she made on my Martiniano shoes)

I wax lyrical about it a lot, but parenthood shouldn’t change you.  I mean it should, obviously.  You can’t go out and get legless every night and you can’t just have pasta and a knob of butter when you wake up on the sofa at 2am – those days are over.  But you do not have to change who you are just because you have kids in the respect that the things that make you, you, like your style should stay true to who you are.

Some of my favourite styles of White shirts are oversized.  I’m not good at the fitted thing, and i hate getting patches of sweat when something cuts under my arms… am i right?  I’ve listed a few of my favourite styles below, and i think there is a good mix in there! Pair with straight leg jeans, sneaks or flats and you’ve got a perfect go to look that a simple accessory jacket or blazer can transform from day to night.






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