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On Wednesday evening Calum and i had a rare night off to attend the taster evening of the Edinburgh Food Studio.  It was a wonderful evening  to launch their new dishes, introduce their new Head Chef and announce their new opening times.  Formerly known as a food lab, the Edinburgh Food Studio will now trade not only as a lab but as a restaurant.  Serving Brunch, lunch and evening meals.

The first ‘course’ came in three parts.  First up was an Isle of Wight Tomato & Apricot soup served cold, which was divine, i held off knocking it straight back and tried to eat it as delicately as i could, but man i could have tossed this guy back faster than you can spell Soup.  It was full of flavour and seasoned just beautifully.  Not five minutes after this, we were served the Kent Cucumber Pickle & Cod Brandade, the cucumber was much like a gherkin but in my opinion far more sophisticated and refreshing.  The Cod Brandade was beautiful, i was expecting it to be strong and overpowering but it complimented the cucumber so well and i even swept up the leftovers with my bread.  The third part of the starter (hah) was a Shetland Hogget Nugget with a slice of 12 year old Luing Cow, which i have to tell you, was the best meat i’ve ever tasted!

The brains behind the Edinburgh Food Studio are husband and wife team Sashana and Ben.  Three years ago setting up the studio and hosting various events and taster evenings (after both achieving wild success in their fields) they have finally decided to open up shop and serve brunch, lunch and dinner five days a week! Hallelujah! They’ve brought on board Michelin Star Chef James Murray and together with Ben and Sashana’s passion for discovery the team will work directly with micro-producers across Scotland, while sharing their findings as research whitepapers.

Our next course was Orkney Scallops, Gooseberry & Purslane which sadly for me was served raw meaning i could not partake in this taste explosion.  I am assured however, by my husband and fellow diners that the dish was exquisite and incredibly unique in flavour and texture.

(not to mention bloody pretty)

I made up for missing out on the scallops with the next course, Girolles, Meadowsweet & Brown Butter broth.  The mushrooms were the best i’ve ever tasted.  So nice, i had them twice as Calum isn’t a fan of the fungi (despite my efforts and gentle encouragement) The broth was sweet and the mushrooms were tender and cooked perfectly with just enough soft:bite ratio.

Each course was paired with a drink, unfortunately for me all alcoholic meaning Calum had a rare ol’ time getting a bit merry.  I was beyond jealous as even the smell of some of the wines was enough to make me want to cry.  I’ll list them all at the end as i literally can only give you the name… *sniff sniff

The ‘Main’ courses of the meal were just as exceptional as the starters.  A succulent, meaty Shetland Turbot with Barra Cockles, Sea Aster & Elderflower was the perfect summer dish.  The fish was tender and flaky but also meaty and fulfilling, cooked to perfection and paired with the elderflower a real triumph!  I would gladly eat this every evening of the summer.

The final ‘main dish’ (and sadly the end of my photos as i just lost too much light and didn’t bring my flash) was probably everyones favourite.  Linda Dick Chicken, with Red Currant and Grilled Onion,  doesn’t look or sound like much, but let me tell you Calum almost left me for this plate.  ‘Ooohs and Aaaahs’ were heard from around the room as everyone let the chicken dissolve on their tongue whilst marvelling at the sheer sweetness of the onion and current.   I don’t think anyone could quite believe how delicious the chicken was, we certainly talked about it all the way home and wondered where we could get our very own Linda!

Our desserts consisted of a Strawberry soup with Rapeseed and Black Pepper,  East Lothian Blackcurrant with Yoghurt and an ( OUT OF THIS WORLD) Oat Biscuit followed by Coffee (roasted in house) and an Almond Cake with Raspberry and Honey.  I am so gutted that none of my photos turned out well enough to show you but i just couldn’t waste any more time trying to make them work with the sweet treats sat in front of me.

So to conclude, incase you hadn’t already picked up on my tone, we absolutely bloody loved our evening at Edinburgh Food Studio and will be back at any given opportunity.  I am so excited to go back for a brunch and coffee and also go back to get incredibly sloshed after this baby arrives.  James, Ben and Sashana have created something brilliant here and i wish them all the luck in this next chapter, i have no doubt it will be a wonderful success and a spectacular addition to what Edinburgh has to offer at meal times!



Wine List –

Crémant Klur, Alsace, France

Hallgarten Rheinschiefer 2015, Rheingau, Germany

Viña Gravonia 2008, Rioja, Spain

Terra del Itata 2016, Itata Valley, Chile

Rozeta 2016, Hautes-Corbieres, France

Iscider 2014, Umeá Sweden


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