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In the midst of the new Instagram update, where we will be able to monitor our time on the app, set a limit on the amount of time we spend there and also mute our notifications.  It’s the perfect time to introduce you to Kronaby.  If you’re like me and you pretty  much manage your life from your phone, your work, social life, photos, you can find yourself spending an alarming amount of time staring at a screen.  I’m working on staying connected with Kronaby.

I’m endeavouring to be more present.  I use my phone a lot, to work and network but when i am doing something with my husband and my daughter i want to be there with them 100% and Kronaby helps me achieve that.  By syncing this watch with your phone you’re able to monitor your calls and your messages veto the ones you don’t want to take and only let the important ones bother you.  You can live your life and the days with your family without the unwanted interruptions.

As well as monitoring your calls and messages, your Kronaby watch can play the music in your phone with just one click of a dial.  You can also set it to count your daily steps, making sure you get to the golden 10,000 and looking far more stylish than a Fitbit.

The features are endless, which when you look at the watch, you really wouldn’t expect.  Want to know the time in a different time zone?  Time how long your husband is taking in the shower? Start your camera? You can do it all from your watch face.  Perhaps one of the best features and one i think is really innovative and important is the ‘Walk me home’ feature.  This allows you to invite a friend to be your safety contact.  By simply pressing one of the pushers this safety contact will be able to track your location.  If anything were to happen and you needed assistance you can send an emergency signal by pressing and holding the pusher for 3 seconds.  All your friend has to do is download the Kronaby Friend App to sync together with you and they’ll be able to help, should you need them.

As well as the amazing features i’ve told you about above, you can also sync your IFTTT account, set up ‘Find my Phone’ and put a tag on locations should you need to remember them.  It’s a busy old world we live in and i think you can admit, that even checking your watch for the time has become an afterthought.  So often we reach for our phones, check the time and see a notification.  You open your phone, check the notification and before you know it you’re knee deep in Instagram scrolling and all of a sudden its an hour later and you don’t know which way is up.  I’m already noticing a difference in the way i use my phone and i’m also ecstatic to have finally found a watch that fits my style, is chic but functions just like (if not better) that your average plastic/gym/apple watch!

How do you stay more connected? More present?



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