We’ve been making some updates to house recently so i thought i would document for you a couple of the touches we’ve added to some of the rooms.  Back in May we put in planning permission to update our conservatory and windows.  We live in an old house in a conservation area so any changes have to be run by our local council and surprise surprise… still no word.  In a bid to make myself feel better a give into the nesting urges i decided to add my finishing touches before the jobs have even began… so sue me!

We added a few bits a pieces to the living room this year, bits to make it more cosy and as Calum would tell you, i’ve attempted to turn it into a jungle.  The most recent piece is this rug from La Redoute.  It comes in six different colours are we were really lucky to get a grey that matched the cushion perfectly (although i am looking to update those soon too) Right now you can get 25% off the rug with the code Save25 along with anything else from the La Redoute home range!

Along with the rug, the wicker and sequin plant pot is relatively new.  From Rose & Grey it’s the perfect plant pot holder for your Yukka’s and Monsteras! They come in either Gold or Silver and are a bit of a dream sitting beside the fire.  I guess the actual plants and Bamboo stands are vintage, they belonged to my Mum and my Granny and when the house was sold i inherited the plants as well as their homes last month.  Calum was away at the time so you can imagine his face when he got home…  You can get similar bamboo stands in Ikea or on Etsy.  But i’m sure car boot sales and gumtree would have some perfect alternatives.

My Book collection has been expanding this summer too, i had planned to review everything i had read but i am slacking.  I need to go to a book club or something so i am accountable for the pages im supposed to read.  Is anyone part of any good ones online?

Moving onto Calum and I’s room.  This room was due for redecoration, new windows, painted, curtains the lot.  But, you guessed it we can’t proceed without the plans so i’ve taken to hanging new art and laying new linen so i at least feel a bit better about the space! I was very kindly gifted some amazing Art work from Paper Collective.  I chose these minimal pieces by Artist Amelia Hegardt, her Dancer and Silouette pieces are now pride of place in our room and also, in our hallway!

Ive also updated the bed linen.  The wonderful people at Piglet in Bed sent me some brand new linen bedding along with the loveliest Pyjamas.  I’m saving the Pjs for my hospital bag and of course the bedding went on straight away – but just think how cute a new born squidge is gonna look all cosy in those sheets!













The Kitchen is another one thats had a few additions… mostly plants, but who’s counting?  I used to have a ton of prints from Paris all on this wall too, but decided to switch it up a bit and add in this notice board form Rose & Grey.  So far the same message has been up there for weeks, cos’ there has never been a truer word spoken this summer, in this heat, whilst pregnant.  I’ve also been working on propagating this String of Hearts and found some really helpful info online on how to do it.  So far so good and it’s beginning to bulk out nicely! I will have green fingers one of these days, i swear!


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