A few weeks ago Chanel Beauty kindly gifted me some of their new Chanel Les Beiges – Nude is a Style Range as well as some of their Hydra Beauty range.  I felt so fancy receiving the parcel, what a dream to receive a gift from Chanel!!!  Of course all the other make up and skincare i was using at the time took a back seat so i could immediately try absolutely everything.  I wasn’t disappointed.

Not only did my new make up come in this swanky make up bag, the perfect size for all the summer essentials, every shade i was sent is perfect.  I never like to wear a lot of make up in the summer, after my freckles come it’s easier and looks so much chicer to just use a touch of tinted moisturiser with some bronze powder.  To glam it up slightly add a touch of rose, the blush stick and lip balm are the perfect finishing touches.  You need nothing else.  I would highly recommend all of this but i really love the lip balm and tinted moisturiser, i’m using the shade Medium, it’s great for a paler skin tone but adds a lovely sun kissed glow.

Tinted Moisturiser – £37

Blush Stick – £35

Eyeshadow – £45

Colour Powder – £42

Lip Balm – £31

Hydra Beauty Micro Liquid Essence – £70

Hydra Beauty Masque De Nuit – £64

All – Over Spray -£49

The new Hydra Beauty Range is a game changer. It is the first hydrating vitamin-charged liquid essence with camellia micro-droplets. Unifying, refreshing, invigorating: an energy shot for your skin.  I’ve been using them both every day and it’s really helping my dried out hormonal skin.

I’ve added the Micro Liquid Essence to my morning routine after cleansing.  Your complexion is woken up by massaging the Micro Liquid Essence into clean, dry skin. Complete by patting lightly with the fingertips, little butterfly kisses.  I do the same after cleansing at night time with the Masque De Nuit, it’s an overnight mask that is highly concentrated in camellia flowers, with a creamy texture that transforms into refreshing water droplets as it meets the skin. Hydrating, oxygenating, smoothing: nocturnal nourishment for your skin, it also smells incredible and feels like a luxurious facial before bed!

Speaking of smelling incredible, my hands are another level right now thanks to this new Hand cream.  Yes it’s on the pricey side for hand cream, but just look at the design?  It also dispenses by squeezing the oval shape in the middle, which is kind of awesome.  You can smell like Chanel No.5 but without committing to the perfume, this adds a defining simplicity right down to its minimalist packaging. Sleek, white, contemporary, and travel-friendly.

Hand Cream – £52


I may have been kindly gifted these products by Chanel, but all views are my own!

Enjoy Sx


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