This year i am endeavouring to practice a bit more self care.  I want to love myself a little more and give my body the time and space it needs to be the best it can be.  Too often i find myself getting bogged under with things i just have to do, places i just have to be and it creates unwanted stress and anxiety.  That isn’t good for anyone in my close proximity, let’s be honest.  When Natasha at Forage Botanicals asked if i’d like to review her products, i thought why the hell not?  Anything that encourages me to take a bath is already a winner in my book!   Practising self care with Foraged Botanicals has been step one in my journey to taking better care of my body and mind.

 Forage Botanicals was created by the lovely Natasha, a medical herbalist on a mission to help women through their pesky periods.  Her range of natural products help you incorporate relaxation into your monthly routine in an easy, manageable way.  I decided to try out the the Self Care Kit #1- Blossom.  My plan being to set all three up goodies within the kit, and jump in the bath.  For me, when it’s that time of the month i don’t get a lot of time to look after myself, so this was the perfect excuse.  When i felt those feelings creeping up, I listened to my body and tried and help it cope a little better.

Peace Time Tea

Inevitably i started to feel the days beginning to get a little irritable.  I felt emotional for no reason, so i decided to get my little box of goodies set up.  The Peace Time Tea was lovely (look how pretty it is, too) it has a nourishing taste due to the Passiflora and Hawthorn. A gorgeous taste of Rose (one of my faves) and finishes with a sweet after-taste of Liquorice. It was wonderful way to relax during the day and i even managed to drink it all when it was hot!

Waning Moon Bath Salts

I used a lot of Epsom Salts, post labour with Wren for the healing properties, so i knew that the Waning Moon Bath Salts would be good! They help you shake off the moody blues and wake you up.  The geranium makes it smell incredible and you’ll be taken off to a brilliantly, refreshing wonderland. Epsom sea salts are high in magnesium which is best absorbed through the skin. These salts will help your muscles relax in a hot bath and leave you feeling chilled-out from the grouping Cedarwood, balancing Clary Sage and Bergamot.  All of these things i used pre and post labour and i never thought to continue with them.  That’s all changed now as the benefits you feel from just one bath, is amazing!

Sacred Space Candle

Of course, any self care routine wouldn’t be complete without a candle, would it?  This lovely Soya Candle was such a great addition to bath time, making the room seem even more like a spa.  Combine the tea, the smelly salts and the dimmed light, you’ll forget why you were even feeling rubbish in the first place!

 I’ve been so impressed with the kit, that i’m now dying to try the Face  (the Blood Orange and Vanilla Scrub sounds Delcicious)  and Body ranges Natasha offers.  I’m also going to take the leap and try the Organic, Eco Friendly Tampons from Freda Organic.  You can subscribe here.
Natasha also offers a wonderful course, along with a heap of gorgeous products, to teach you, that your period doesn’t have to be horrific.  There are ways of managing it, ways to make it less painful, ways to keep hold of your emotions.  She has a wealth of knowledge and a wonderful website that includes so much for you to take advantage of.  I really urge you to take a look, if not for me, then definitely for yourself! You wont regret it and neither will “next month” you…
Wishing you all an incredible week, remember to love yourself!
Sarah x






  1. January 16, 2018 / 11:56 am

    They all sound gorgeous! x

  2. January 25, 2018 / 9:57 pm

    That tea sounds amazing, it all does! x

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