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Hello, anyone there? I’m sorry it’s been so long everyone.  Feels like i haven’t written anything in months.  I’m hoping that you forgive me as i am back with a lovely Christmas gift guide with the perfect suggestions to give your loved ones.  Gifts for Him and Her are everywhere, so today we’re doing Gifts for Us.  Sit back and enjoy this wonderful selection from my pals at Rose & Grey.

rose and grey Ceramic cups

First up we have these beautiful Ceramic Wine tumblers.  I mean, the website said they were for wine, but it was 11.30am when i took these photos so it seemed a little early to go for the Vino, y’know?  The Coffee held up well and i was actually concerned that i’d burn my hands… but i didn’t.  So these guys are officially added to my Christmas List.  I absolutely love the colour too, muted and moody, right up my street!

Ceramic Rose & Grey Cup

Ceramic Rose & Grey Mug

I don’t know about you, but i am seriously into Wall Hanging right now.  I much prefer to have them hanging from the wall than pictures at the moment.  This one is a large Black and Cream Tassel hanging, the triangle also means you literally cannot hang this guy squint, either.  Major brownie points! This one goes so well with our living room i’m inclined to keep it forever and ever! How do you guys feel about wall hangings?  This one is £55 and a great Christmas Present for a couple of interior Lovers.

Large wall hanging

Rose & Grey Ceramic mugs

Rose & grey Ceramic mug

Rose and Grey Noodle Bowl

Who doesn’t love their crockery to match?  The noodle bowls to match the lovely ceramic mugs are available to buy for £18.  They look amazing on your Christmas table filled with salty snacks or Clementines.  They’re handmade and if you’re not the snacking type they’re perfect for a heart warming bowl of noodles, or soup or noodle soup, for that matter.

Rose & Grey Bowl

Large Soy Candle Rose & Grey

Candles.  The one fail safe gift on everyones list.  There is nothing quite like sitting next to loved ones, enjoying the ambiance of burning candle light, when it is pitch black everywhere else.  Soy candles are marvellous and this one smells like Christmas in a pot, Cinnamon – incase you’re wondering.  For £22 this huge candle will burn for 45 hours! That’s a lot of burning time and when it smells of Cinnamon you’ll never want to blow it out!

Locker room magazine Rack

Do your magazines, like mine, lie strewn all over your floor?  Untidily stacked and begging to be read and organised?  Well they can fear no more, how cool is this locker room magazine rack?  Keeping your mags confined to the wall will not only look stylish but it will keep them tidy, free from rips and little hands that may fancy one to read at bed time! Honestly, i’m just happy that my nice magazines now have a safe place to live, they deserve it!

Locker room magazine rack

Did you see my last Instagram post featuring this wooden star?  I love taking part in the R&G styling challenge, there are always such fun things to do with the items!

Wooden Star


Sheepskin Rug Rose & Grey

Next on my list is this glorious Sheep Skin Rug.  I love these.  They are the must have for any home.  The first one we ever had does not look as glorious as this anymore, so it’s going to be hard to see this one go!  Snuggle up on the sofa in it, lay it in front of the fire, heck why not have it on your bed?  No matter where you put it, this will look fabulous, just make sure to keep animals and small children far, far away from them! There is an array of colours available online from £110.

Sheepskin rug

Black Macrame glass hanger

I’m not super great at keeping plants, but i like the idea.  It feels like something you should just get good at as you get older, maybe like an acquired skill? That, or maybe i’m just generally bad at keeping things alive? Dead or alive your indoor plants could look swell in this Macrame Plant Pot hanger.  I’ve got an airpant in mine, my kind of plant – no watering required!

Guys,  at this point, i would quite happily kit my whole house out in Rose & Grey and be done with it.  Bye bye money, see ya later!!


Salt and Pepper Mills

I think this was Calum’s favourite of our gifts, probably most of all because i needed him to pose! This Salt and Pepper grinder set shaped like Cactus are.. well, amazing, no? Imagine the talking points at a dinner party when you’ve got these guys standing to attention on your dining table, endless laughs if you ask me!

Salt and pepper mill

Beeswax candles

Who doesn’t love dinky candles? These beeswax candles are £9.50 and are adorable for lighting any small space!

Letter board

I think this is my favourite, as you will have seen from my Instagram post, i’ve had a lot of fun with this already! I can just imagine some of the stories that will be put up here over the festive period and if you can think of any good quotes for me to try, hit me up!! Next up is the OBVIOUS brilliance from Home Alone, i’ll let you guess which one i mean! These Letter Boards are selling like hot cakes and are only £45!

Okay, place your bets and we’ll see how long it takes me to kill this guy.  If i don’t forget to water it, i’m sure Wren will have it out by the roots dragging it along the carpet in no time! Aside from the greenery, the pretty Seagrass Basket with Gold sequins is only £26 and whether this guy lives or dies, at least he’ll look good doing it!

Seagrass Basket Seagrass Basket

So there we have it folks! My round up of the top gifts for us from Rose & Grey! I hope you found some good suggestions, and if you didn’t find anything in my list, take a look online anyway.  I bet you one million, trillion dollars you find something to love!


This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own.


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  1. December 3, 2017 / 11:53 am

    I love all the picks! But I’m especially into wall hangings at the moment, too! x

  2. December 4, 2017 / 5:35 pm

    Okay this post is dangerous because I want it ALL!! The wall hanging is gorgeous but out of stock, and I’m not surprised. Will keep my eye out on that one. Loved your picks xx

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