Top Autumn Fashion Picks

Top Autumn Fashion Picks

If you know me, you’ll know how obsessed i am with Autumn and Winter Fashion. If you don’t know me, after this, you will.  I have a serious love affair with the colder months.  Living in Scotland, it had to happen, right? So every year when September approaches i’m not sad and clinging on to August and those sweaty summer evenings.  Give me my beanies, layers and knitwear and i’m happy as a pig in sh*t.

Every year i like to get a few things to add to my winter wardrobe, a new hat or a pair of boots, maybe?  I do like to wear from the same colour palette, but i also like to add maybe one or two new things that catch my eye.  This year i thought i would compile some of my favourite bits from the high street and stick them together here,  i’ve taken alot of fashion inspiration from Vienna Wedekind this season and i think that’s telling.

Winter Coats- 

Girl in Grey Coat Girl in Grey Coat












From & Other Stories, this absolute gem is the Wool Blend Oversized Coat of dreams! It also comes in a divine mustard yellow colour but for me, this is the one.  I was absolutely devastated to find out that my size was out of stock and i’m still praying to the God of Returns that someone send my size back…Over sized coats are best for winter in my opinion.  You can layer underneath with out feeling like an overstuffed teddy bear that can’t move a limb. I am still on the look out for something as close to this as possible for myself, so if you find one, hook me up!



Grey Acne Studios Scarf     Girl in Acne Studios Scarf

My go-to Winter scarf is always one of my Acne Studios Scarves.  I have the Canada Grey and Navy Melange in the larger size (obviously) and they are quite possibly my favourite things on the planet, you can see how i style them here.   Acne Wool Scarves are in another league to any other in my opinion.  They might be a bit pricey at £140 but they’re 100% Virgin Wool and i don’t need to own any others.  They’re timeless, stylish and the quality is second to none.








If you follow me on any of my social media channels, you’ll notice that i am partial to a beanie hat.  There is one beanie brand in particular that i wear, and will forever more.  Robertson and Rhodes are Mother, Daughter Duo, Maggie and Fiona.  Since i had Wren and i discovered their gorgeous Alpaca wool hats, we’ve worn nothing else.  They are amazing.  Incredibly soft, wonderful quality, great fit and oh so stylish.  Not to mention the colour palettes are phenomenal.  Not only can you you get an amazing hat for you or your child, you can twin with them.  Yes that’s right, twin! Every Mothers secret dream! (Heads up, these also make wonderful newborn baby gifts!!)


Pink Nike Trainers Pink Nike Trainers











There are two types of footwear i wear most days in winter.  Trainers or boots. The two i am l o v i n g at the moment are my new Pink and Red Nike Cortez sneaks Calum got me for surviving for a month without him! He’s a good lad.  They go with grey but also look so sick with Navy.  For instance, today i’ve got them on with navy trousers and navy knit and my pink R&R beanie. Check out my Instagram Stories for the full look today. (08/09/17)

Next up, the good old Chelsea boot.  The ones i have are last season from Dune, but these guys are the one.  Whistles have made a super soft black leather boot with two way pull tabs, a small heel and slight point in the toe. Perfection.  It’s taking all my will power not to order these.  However, if i do, i’m safe in the knowledge they’ll go with 98% of my wardrobe until early Summer 2018.













I got these Asymmetric Knitted Culottes from Zara last week and i’m a little obsessed.  They are the softest of soft, comfortable and ultimately the cut of dreams.  Culottes are my favourite type of trouser.  I didn’t wear them until after i has Wren.  But that fourth trimester was when i really came into my own and ‘found’ my style.  One i’m really happy with, one i feel is me and forever will be! For instance, i see no reason why i can’t rock any of the items when im 85 and checking into the hairdresser for a micro fringe trim before the bingo… do you?


Girl in pink JumperGIrl in Grey JumperGirl in Black Jumper

Can we take a minute to talk about Arket? A friend of mine put me on to them a few weeks ago as we’re both MAD Cos Stores lovers and this is like some sort of mental hybrid.  Another lass, Jazmin Balfour i love from IG @theminimoosey (She’s got mad style) described them as, if Cos, Acne and Hay were to have a love child, it would be Arket, and i couldn’t agree more. The knitwear is lovely and its really, really affordable!

Now imagine all of the above together, more or less, and you’ve got a pretty perfect Autumn ensemble in my opinion.  My top picks for this Autumn probably wont change much towards Winter, but i’ve got my eyes peeled for a new tote bag… so stay tuned!

Happy Friday.  Sx






  1. September 9, 2017 / 8:15 am

    Oh my, these are some gorgeous pieces 😍 Going to check out a few of these brands right now. I like what you say about finding your style in the fourth trimester – I’m due in November and am currently doing a massive purge of my clothes with the realisation I will most likely never wear 95% of my wardrobe ever again!

    • sarahcolvine
      September 14, 2017 / 8:46 pm

      Oh it will come!! It took me such a long time to feel like ‘me’ again! And you will get into your old clothes, i promise! Sx

    • sarahcolvine
      September 14, 2017 / 8:47 pm

      Agreed! Every year. That style never changes! Sx

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