You know when you were 11 and you would sit with your babysitter and go through the Argos catalogue declaring all the things you’d have in your house when you were older? No? Oh C’mon, don’t lie, we all did it.  I’m still doing it, but not with Argos, oh no. I’ve found somewhere much better. BoConcept Glasgow, Scotland’s answer to real Danish design.  Your destination for Unique Living Room Furniture.

I’ve picked out my top three Living room furniture picks from BoConcept.  Some truly unique and wonderful designs…far from the the Argos catalogue.


Adelaide Chair - BoConcept

Adelaide Chair - BoConcept Adelaide Chair - BoConcept


I love this Adelaide chair and stool.  I love the colour, the shape and the design.   It’s also dark… the Mums reading this will know why that’s important. This simple but effective design can look so great in a living room or private office.  I’m already envisioning myself sat here with a gin, a book, my feet up and the sound of absolutely nothing sifting through the air.  Perfection. This Chair also swivels, so if anyone dare interrupt your Hygge peace and quiet, just spin round and scream ‘YOU’RE FIRED’ – they’ll soon leave you alone.

2.Coffee Table.

Chiva Coffee - BoConcept Chiva Coffee Table - BoConcept Chiva Coffee Table - BoConcept


Now, it’s no secret that i love my coffee. So something you love should have something nice to sit on.  Here we have the Chiva Coffee table, with storage. Those handy storage compartments will be dandy for hiding the remote from your toddler… or your husband whilst Corrie is on! If you’ve got company, the sliding table tops create the perfect extra bit of space, more room for cake!  I really like that is a functioning table, the height is great too and would make a great centre to any living room space.


BoConcept RugBoConcept Rug

This Kaleidoscope rug makes me really excited! It’s like some cool pixelated Bokeh shot, which is right up my street! The colour goes perfectly with the chair, and i can see the coffee table sitting quite pretty right next to this guy.  Note the dark colours too… just try and find the crumbs. I dare you!  It’s 100% wool so fantastic quality and i challenge you to find another like this?

We’ve been in our house for two years now, slowly ticking away at getting things done.  BoConcept is going to make picking those Unique bits and pieces we love, a whole lot easier!  You can visit the team in their furniture stores in Glasgow and Edinburgh. 



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