What flowers did for me

So I finished my Bloom and Grow homework this week and I decided to write up my thoughts on the course as a whole, reflect on whether the four week course was ‘money well spent’ or if I just fell for the hype.  You’ll remember if you’re a frequent visitor that I wrote about the beginning of the course and the photos I took in the first week and I had nothing but good things to report.  I had started to see growth, my gallery was looking better, I was pushing myself creatively, all in all a five star review for week one. 

As the weeks went on and more ‘homework’ was issued I found that with each module subject I was pushing myself further and further.  Far beyond my comfort zone, far beyond anything I had ever created before.  I’m dreaming in Instagram squares, I look for inspiration and different concepts everywhere.  I take mental notes of fields about to bloom with crops or flowers, knowing they’ll make a good photo sometime soon.  I’ve started a hashtag, along with a beautiful like minded friend, Patricia. Who doesn’t even live in this country, but the tag it’s going from strength to strength and is about to be featured in a real printed magazine, with my photo in it.  Would this have happened if I hadn’t started Sara’s course? No it wouldn’t. 

I addressed an issue, a personal issue in a post a few days ago where I talked about my love for dance and how I felt about giving it up.  So many people resonated with it, understood my question and provided insight and advice.  Would this have happened if I hadn’t take a four week Instagram course? Probably not.

To look at it in numbers and pictures, since I started the course I’ve gained over 700 new followers, my engagement is up ten fold. And I’ve gone from posting photos like this…..

to posting photos like this…I have an aim, a goal and I’m now determined to use what I’ve learned to get there!

  I have a head full of ideas and I don’t see that slowing anytime soon.

So is Bloom and Grow worth it? Of course it bloody is.  If not only for the likes, growth and engagement but for the sheer impact its had on me creatively.  Sara talks a lot about self worth and valuing what you do.  This is a tough one for me  as I’ve never really felt like I loved what I was doing or that I was good enough to call myself by that profession.  What I mean is, I take photos but I’m not a photographer, I blog but I’m not a blogger, I write but i’m not a writer.  I don’t know what I need to do in order to recognise myself as any of these things, but after taking Sara’s course, listening to her podcasts and really challenging myself I’m starting to think that I can be. If you’re even just thinking the first thoughts of doing one of Sara’s courses i’d say take the leap and do it.  if not to grow your business then for the best and most effective therapy I’ve ever had. And I didn’t even know I needed it.

if you want to sign up to Bloom & Grow you can at any time (not a sponsored post, I just really love Sara)

Tomorrow is Friday guys,

Sarah x



  1. August 24, 2017 / 4:40 pm

    I’m just here to give you the biggest hug and say how much this post (and the previous one) means to me, and how insanely proud and awe-inspired I am by your incredible creative mind! Can’t wait to see what’s next! x

    • sarahcolvine
      August 29, 2017 / 6:27 am

      Well i’ll say it till i am cold in the ground. It’s all thanks to your course, the tips and help have really unlocked something in me- i’ll be forever thankful! Sx

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