Two posts in two days… who do i think i am? A blogger? Don’t get too excited, i’ve already exceeded my July quota and there will likely be no more posts until September. However, i had to post today to tell you about this genius, horticultural sensation that is destined to fulfil all the needs of plant lovers, who, like me, unfortunately cannot keep plants alive.  It’s a problem i’ve had with house plants for many years… we don’t talk too much about it.

So, without further adeu, meet my Spanish Moss, or Tillandsia Usneoidus if it’s a Sunday.  This guy requires absolutely no soil, limited watering and he just hangs there, in the room looking all cool and minimalist, like he’s stepped straight out of Copenhagen.  I’ve fancied an air plant for some time, because lets face it, remembering to feed myself, my child and my plants is sometimes a step too far.  This guy, from Etairnity Air Plants is the one! I’ve had him for around two weeks now, and so far so good.  I followed the super simple instructions when he arrived, soak for an hour in some water, and dry off before hanging him up and spraying with water once a week. It literally could not be easier.

Plants and greenery in the home are becoming more and more ‘cool’ and being down with the green fingered gang suddenly isn’t just for your Gran, so these air plants are a great place to start.  Etairnity also think about serious interior goals when designing the hangers for the plants, this Sphere for instance… don’t tell me you can get this in Ikea, i know you can’t!  Show off your interior goals and enjoy the greenery in your home without having to stress if you take a holiday.  it’s a match made in heaven!


Disclaimer – if you do buy one of these plants, and you manage to kill it, i am not liable, it’s your own fault 🙂



  1. July 25, 2017 / 1:33 pm

    I definitely need to get hold of one of theses!! Still can’t quite get my head round the whole ‘no soil’ thing but that makes it all the fun right?!

    • sarahcolvine
      July 27, 2017 / 11:46 am

      Oh man I know!! I still look at it daily and wonder if it’s growing… it’s not! HA! Sx

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