Hello Friends, Welcome back. It’s been a while and I am keen to start posting again.  I mean, I give it two weeks before they begin to get sporadic but at least the intent is there, right?

 If you’re a long time follower, or if you follow along over on Instagram and you’ve caught up with my stories you’ll see that the blog has had a bit of a makeover.  Thanks to Pipdig I now have a lovely clean and simple page a new profile image and it all feels much better.

So, lets get stuck in.  For the last week or so, I’ve been taking part in Bloom & Grow.  An online course run my Sara Tasker of Me & Orla, Hashtag Authentic, @Theinstachat and that’s only to name a few notches in her belt. 

The course is designed to inspire and give the student tools in order to grow and bloom their Instagram account.  week one was set up to challenge us to find a way of using flowers ‘En Masse’.  Something I found really quite challenging.  My final image had around 14 predessors before I finally settled, and i’m pretty happy with it.  what do you think? 

I’ve already, really started to think more about my images, I’m scouring Pinterest and saving other Instagram posts for inspo’.  I’m buying so many flowers and my fridge is full of petals, poised and ready for my next burst of creativity.  Which surprisingly, i’m finding happening quite often; even with a mad, one year old, carpet baby!  

I can’t explain how much i am enjoying doing this, it’s something just for me.  Something i can really sink my teeth into and it’s just an added bonus that my house now looks and smells awesome! Some of the other images i’ve created this week are below, or to see them in all their glory, just clock over to my Instagram in the side bar. 

I always feel like my followers and i have always had rocky relationship.  After I had my Daughter, my growth spiked, probably because everyone loves the new born squish, don’t they?.  Then recently things went a bit stale.  I lost a lot of followers to fake accounts, to general spam and I just found that the content I was creating was a bit… meh.  Now, however, I feel like i’m finally starting to get over that hurdle and things are on the up again.  I’m creating images i’m happy with, I like the look of my gallery and it seems that others do too.  So, in short Bloom and Grow is working already and as true as the saying goes, flowers really do have power!

Have a great day

Sarah x


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