Heading back to work has been tough.  I miss my girl. After spending a whole 365 days with her it was hard to adjust.  We’ve both cried (some more than others) but I know that she’s having the best time at nursery and let me tell you, picking her up is the sweetest part of my day.  This, is just how it has to be right now. 

So, it was really lovely for the people over at Radley to send me this gorgeous little Cross Body Bag to make me feel better about it all.  Its perfect for the summer and I was really surprised at how much I love it and how much I’ve used it since I got it.  

Now that i’m back at work, it’s so nice to be able to carry one small bag (and one small bag only) for a full day without lumbering around a rucksack or giant changing bag.  I feel like I can actually plan a full outfit just for myself.

The bag itself is really sweet, a gorgeous burgundy colour, gold hard wear, an inside zip pocket and adjusting long strap. I usually go for my APC Cross Body Bag, but this is a brilliant alternative.  

You can check the bag out online here.

So, back to the topic of work, how have all of you found going back to work?  Did you look forward to it? Did you dread it? How are you finding the work/life/baby balance?  I’m keen to hear as for myself I was dreading it, then yesterday for the first time since she was born, I looked forward to work.  I’m hesitating even writing this down as it makes the thoughts real and i felt like I almost wasn’t allowed to have them.  Like, that made me a bad mother or something? Yesterday, we had such a testing day, she’s growing and moving so quickly and gets so frustrated with herself, and in turn, me.  It’s hard to know what she’s trying to communicate to me at times and I wish in some ways she could just come out and say ‘Mummy, will you hold my hands so I can walk please?’ but in most ways, I want there to be so much time until then, so much time until she is independent and she doesn’t need my hands to steady her whilst she walks.  It’s bittersweet, a catch twenty two.  I guess that as she grows the single parenting gig I perform three weeks on, three weeks off, gets tougher… but boy do I love it.  

 Have a great day.



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