Well, it’s been a while. I don’t know how long or really for what reason i took such a long reprieve, but i miss my blog and writing posts so here i am in the fourth month of 2017 having missed three baby updates ready to shout about something new! 

I first featured Nathalie Bond Organics in my Christmas Gift Guide back in December last year.  I had picked up a soap bar after reading about how family friendly it was, and the smell was incredible.  Not long after i started using it,  I was hooked.  The soap was so gentle and brilliantly scented using lovely essential oils, it was perfect for using on Wren.  I was thrilled when the lovely folks over at Nathalie Bond HQ got in touch to ask if i wanted to try their new products.  

First up is their extra sensitive soap bar.  Incredibly gentle, safe for baby, smells lovely and it lathers up like your average bar of Dove.  I first used the soap myself, to take my make up off and it left my skin feeling really soft.  The next bath time i used it on Wren and it was a hit.  I always worry about what to put on her skin, as soap really can dry it out.  But, the essentials oils Nathalie and her team use help to keep skin soft and cared for. After all, the whole reason for Nathalie’s business was to cater to her kids.  

How amazing is the packaging?  Ive filled the tins with dry pasta now and Wren uses them as percussion instruments haha! Multi use!!!

Each night, after bath time (so long as Wren isn’t too tired) we have a massage.  I attended a few baby massage classes when Wren was tiny and we found them so invaluable we’ve continued on and are still going strong 10 months later.  Ive previously just used coconut oil but now i am converted.   This Geranium and Patchouli Skin Balm is perfect for oiling up post bath before slipping in to baby Pjs.  And that goes for Mummy too.  I rub this into my face before bed and not only does it smell lovely, my skin soaks it all in leaving it lovely and soft.  I’ve already emailed the guys and told them the jar needs to be bigger, or they need to offer a mother and baby package as this is too good not to use daily! Next on my list is the Lavender and Bergamot balm as we love that scent at bed time.

Lastly, this is just for mum! Lemongrass body scrub! A quick spa in a jar, leaving you feeling so fresh, like you’ve removed that top layer of skin… in a good way.  I love the smell of this too, smells like a proper spa weekend! I’d also love to try the Peppermint and Eucalyptus as i bet thats a good one to wake you up in the morning! 

Now as a little treat, as we all deserve it from time to time, I am giving my readers a code to get 15% off your own Nathalie Bond products! Use the code BRASSBUTTONS15 to get yourself a little saving, and trust me you’ll just love the products.  

Hoping to be back to my blog more regularly now, posting recipes, recommendations and updates. So stay tuned! Have a great Evening. 

Sarah x 


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