Hello, and i guess a very late Happy New Year! I’ve been taking some time out this month, post Christmas to work on a few projects, care for Wren and get ready for her Christening.  It’s been super hectic, and i can’t believe in a week or so we’ll already be in February! Crazy! 

I’ve got Seven new things to share today, as Wren has been Seven months old for almost a month… where the time is going i’ll never know! 

O N E – Wren has five teeth.  FIVE! Three along the bottom and two at the top.  I always thought it would be super bizarre seeing those gums filled with milky whites, but she just gets cuter and cheekier looking by the day.  She has been so great with them too, almost zero fuss made, and for now, she’s resisting biting! Thank goodness! 

T W O – I don’t think i was involved in the conception of Wren at all, she 100% resembles her Dad.  Which luckily, is great, he’s pretty nice to look at. She has the widest eyes, exactly the same colour and shape as Calum and she is just every inch his daughter.  I am so lucky to have two of them! 

T H R E E – Wren is almost eight months old and is still exclusively breast fed.  This girl loves the boob and will not wean! We’ve tried a ton of different foods, form puree to Baby led, and she just doesn’t seem interested.  She loves to play with the food, and explore the textures, but so far only with her hands but thats ok.  She is getting exactly what she needs from me.  

F O U R – We’ve had a few trips to the doctor lately as poor little bird hasn’t been too well.  Turns out she’s a bit deficient in Vitamin K, so we’re on some medicine to top her back up.   I’m also taking lots of leafy greens and vitamins myself to make sure she really is getting all she can! 

F I V E – I have enrolled Wren on the list for our local nursery! Already?! Yep… already.  We live in a small town, so you gotta be fast or you’re last.  it’s still unclear if/when/how often she will have to go, but i’m excited for her to be with her friends, friends she will move up the ranks with and eventually attend school with.  Part of the reason i just love our small community. 

S I X – Although Wren can quite expertly sit, she isn’t on the move yet.  She’s quite content reaching for the things she needs from her perch.  And if she wants to get somewhere she’ll wiggle her little legs and shuffle right along if the floor proves slippy enough. 

S E V E N – I am convinced, CONVINCED she can say Mama. It’s maybe more a mumumamamumumamam… but there is a mum in there somewhere and being that she’s with be 100% of the time it can only be directed at me, right? 

Motherhood is such a joy, and i truly believe that this was the job i was born to do.  This little person my husband and i created is the light of our lives, and so many others.  We have been truly blessed with a fantastic little girl and i am already excited for what her eighth month will hold. 

Sarah x 


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