So, it’s here. Already.  Oh time, you cruel beast.  Wren turned six months old on November 25th, yes that may also have been black Friday, but quite frankly all i could think about on Friday was WHERE HAS ALL THE TIME GONE?  Thinking that i only have another six months of complete alone time with Wren before i go back to work gives me the worst anxiety i’ve ever had.  I just can’t. 

 So that brings me to my baby girl today.  Six months old, beautiful, funny, cheeky and full of life! As i started at five months with ‘five new things’ Wren was up to, i thought i would do another feature each month.  More for me than anything, it’s a good way to remember without forgetting to write it all down.

O N E – Still only two teeth (that i can see) however there has been a lot of Sophie (the giraffe) chewing! She slides the toy from left to right along her top gums, which leads me to believe that there may be some nasties about to poke through.  Here’s hoping she copes like the trooper she was with the first set.

T W O – Wren has been sleeping in her own room since November 20th and it has been a total game changer.  We don’t wake her up when we go to bed.  She sleeps uninterrupted till 5.30am where she ceremoniously fills her nappy to the point of needing immediate assistance. She does however go back to sleep until at least 7 and sometimes 8.  I’m forever thankful for her love of naps and sleep!

T H R E E – Weaning has Begun, i think the date was November 11th, making Wren slightly under 6 months.   We’ve decided to take a very, very, relaxed approach to weaning.  We are not doing one way or another way religiously, we’re just going with Wren and what she wants.  Ultimately Wren is still getting all she needs from me through breast feeding and she will continue to do so until we, her and I see fit.  We have introduced a few foods to Wren at dinner time each night before her bath and she is having marvellous fun playing in it and smooshing it all with her hands.  Maybe next month some will have actually passed her lips!

F O U R – Babbling. Ba, bah, bah, baba, blah baaaaaah.  Over and over, and it’s the sweetest sound i ever heard!

F I V E – We can sit up, well almost.  Wren isn’t one for lying around these days.  She prefers to sit, reach and try to grab patterned carpet, her toys, books and then oops… she topples, but we’ll always be there to catch her.  She’s getting the hang of her balance super quick and i’m sure she’ll be shuffling her bum along the carpet in no time.

S I X – The seeming dog pant from last month has graduated to a weird inhaling through her gums.  It’s kinda like a laugh, but like an old lady laugh, an old lady with no teeth that sucks their bottom lip in at the bottom… oh a funny little bird, she is. 

I think that month 7 will be a real big shift.  There might be food consumed, there may be movement and i really R E A L L Y hope that the 5.30am poop explosions will have stopped. That, would be great! 

Have a great day 

Sarah x 


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