So a couple of weeks ago, Wren turned F I V E months old, i know, i can’t believe it either!  So i thought i would write a little update, with five things that Wren has discovered, or started to do and i’ll try and continue it on, each month; six things for six months and so on… 

O N E – I guess one of the most obvious things is that she now has two teeth! Although, she’s really good at hiding them under her tongue that constantly seems to be hanging out at the moment.  The second tooth was a little more tough going, but seeing as we didn’t even notice the first one coming in, it’s not been all bad.  

T W O – Following on from the small tongue that hides the tiny teeth, Wren has started to Pant, like a dog.  She can’t have picked it up from Poppy because she’s just a small dog and doesn’t do the whole dramatic, slavery, exhausted thing.  It’s quite hilarious, as it soon turns into an exasperated snort and she scrunches up her face which just makes everyone poorless. 

T H R E E – We have a roller, we cannot keep Wren on her back.  As soon as she’s down she’s flipping over to the left, and only the left.  It’s great and i don’t think it’ll be long until she’s on the move, but for right now we’ll just have to make do with the flipping and frustrated cries until she can get the army crawl mastered! 

F O U R – Feet.  We have found the feet.  So, when we can keep her on her back her feet are the first things she grabs! She hasn’t tried to pull her socks off yet, but i’m sure it’s not far away.  I’m not sure why, but i was so looking forward to her finding her toes, maybe because babies just look so damn adorable with a handful/mouthful of their own foot. 

F I V E – Lastly and my absolute favourite new thing… she reaches for me.  The first time she did it i felt a little bit of my heart fall out my bum (sorry, but that’s how it felt) There is nothing like having your child CHOOSE to be held by you.  Sure, until now we know she’s wanted to be held, but the only way she could tell us that was by crying.  This though, i’ll never tire of this. 

So that about does it.  Hopefully i’ll have a fresh list of six new things by next month. 

Sarah x 


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