Guys, i’m addicted to soup.  This is not a drill.  I seem to have subconsciously turned into a 90 year old lady who spends her days making vegetable based mush.  I promise that they’re good! 

I was always a little scared to make a creamy tomato soup.  Someone once told me that if you add too much you’ll turn your soup pink and everything will be ruined.  That’s maybe a little dramatic but i can’t imagine eating pink soup would be overly appetising.  

This recipe is really easy, another sort of ‘throw it in and blend’ but it’s one of the best ways to make it.  

For the soup :

1 Large Yellow Onion

3 Red Bell Peppers (chopped)

1 Can Tinned Tomatoes (chopped)

Handful of Cherry Tomatoes
Two Small Potatoes 

2 Pints of Vegetable Stock 

100ml Double Cream

Dried Basil

Dried Oregano

Bay Leaf

Salt and Pepper

(Strong crumbling cheese and spelt crackers to serve are a MUST!!)

Method : 

Chop the onion and soften in a large pan with a knob of butter.  After 10 minutes of cooking, being careful not to burn the onion, add the chopped pepper, potato and dried herbs.  Stir and cook gently for a further 10 minutes then add the tinned tomatoes and fresh cherry tomatoes to the pot.  Add your stock, bay leaf and season.  Bring to the boil and reduce to a simmer until all veg is soft and remove from the heat.
Sit your pan away from the hob and using a food processor or hand held blender, blend your soup until it is smooth.  Put the pan back on the hob and begin gently pouring in your cream, gently because you don’t want to over do it and end up with a pink soup situation! When you are happy with the colour and flavour after seasoning, crumble some strong cheddar and some Peters Yard spelt crackers on top, eh voila, happy eating folks!

All of the produce used here to make the soup and topping was purchased locally, from The Spotty Dog (Cheese and crackers) and Purple Plum (all the lovely veg) i am super enthusiastic about shopping locally over ordering my ingredients from the super market.  I urge you to try and do the same, it makes the taste so much better!

Sarah x 


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