Handmade Christmas

This year, we’re doing Christmas the old fashioned way; Homemade. I’m really excited to get my craft on, i think it’s something that comes with being a mum but we’ve decided to really put some love in to our gifts this year and we’re going to make our family lots of little bits that hopefully they’ll appreciate.  I mean, doesn’t everyone want macaroni framed pictures of my baby?! 

I jest, but seriously, i thought i would test the water, as it were, and see just how crafty i am willing to get by making a few decorations for our tree. 

 These are so easy and they smell incredible so heres a step by step feature on how to make some for yourself.

You will need :
3-4 Large Oranges
Cinnamon sticks
Optional Cloves, or a few drops of Thieves Essential oil

Slice up your oranges and Pre-heat the over to 100C and arrange your slices on the top rack, close to the top.  Make sure your Orange slices are around  1/2cm-1cm thick, the thinner they are the less time they’ll take to dry out.  Bake the slices on one side for an hour, then turn them over and bake for a further hour.  Continue to do so until they are well dried out and not sticky.
Remove the slices and gather the length of twine.  I used around 25cm.  Wrap the twine around the first cinnamon stick and thread through your desired number of orange slices.  Take a second cinnamon stick and tie to the end of your ornament, acting as a stopper, preventing the slices from falling off.  Make sure to threat the twine as close to the centre of the orange as you can.  This will make sure it remains nice and (sort of) straight! Don’t worry if some slices are off a little, or aren’t cut exactly straight, luckily this ornament goes well with a rustic theme.

I can’t wait to dry out some more fruit and hang these on our Christmas tree! They’re a great, easy, and a cheaper alternative to shop bought ornaments.  Also one to do with the kids, fun and limited mess 🙂  Why not try using some other fruits such as limes or lemons!? Your kitchen will smell fantastic!!

Sarah x 


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