Wren took a super long nap today, so i took the opportunity to get some more Christmas decorations made for the mantle in the living room.  My last post on how to make some tree decorations from dried oranges, went down so well, i decided to do it again with a difference. (if you missed it, you can catch up with it here.)

This time round, i made a garland for the fire place.  I followed the same procedure as last time, slicing and drying my fruit on a low heat in the oven for around three hours.  Now, i maybe forgot about these oranges as they are a little on the brown side, but you know what? That actually helped when i was stringing them together, little crunch helped us along nicely.  I’ve also used some lemon and lime slices here too, Those guys wont need as long in the oven.  

So, pre heat your oven to 100C (should take minutes) 

Slice your fruit

Place on a grill tray so the heat can get to both sides

Bake for approx 3 hours (careful not to burn smaller/thinner slices) 

After the fruit is dry and it’s cooled down, you can get threading.  I decided to use a stick of cinnamon at each end to secure my loop and knot.  I then made a small hole with scissors at each side of the fruit slice (you can hopefully make that out from the photos) and got threading. One large slice, one small and repeat until you’ve threaded nine slices.  Then, tie on another cinnamon stick.  Now this garland is obviously made to fit my fireplace, not all fire places are the same size so you may need to thread on a few extra or a few less.  

After i had tied on the middle stick i threaded another nine slices of fruit in alternate sizes before looping one last stick on the end and looping round again.  

There you have it.  One super easy, super effective homemade and C H E A P Christmas decoration.  FYI these things go for like £25 in the garden centre and i made this for around £3, if that.  

Now my living room smells lovely and so can yours! If you’ve got any questions fire them my way! 

Have a great evening guys! 

Sarah x    


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