Hola, it’s finally the weekend, which is weird of me to say as my new job runs 24/7, 7 days a week, but we always do stuff with the fam at the weekend so i guess i just look forward to that.  Calum leaves for work again on Sunday after almost 4 weeks at home,  which has been dreamy.  We decided no home projects this time, so he has spent all his time with Wren and I and she’s turning into quite the Daddy’s girl.  

This morning’s post is Autumn related,  a bit of a ‘where did you get that hat’ typa deal.  Anyone know that song?…No? Just me then.  Anyways first up, is one of my two Alpaca Wool Beanies from Robertson & Rhodes.  If you’re an IG follower you’ll have seen these hats pop up on nearly all of my outfit posts, Wren and i absolutely love them.  The fact we can each have the same hat just makes all my Mother/Daughter twinning dreams come true! I love this grey colour. Mostly because it matches my favourite scarf perfectly, but also because it’s so soft and unlike your usual wooly hat it doesn’t make your forehead sweat buckets… or leave ugly imprints! Five stars for this guy! 

My next go to hat for Autumn and Winter is this Fedora type hat i got last winter from Whistles.  Lucky for you, it’s also available this year. Yay. So you can grab this guy on the Whistles website here. I like to wear hats like this during the winter with a big scarf, and feel like a bit of a cowboy peeping through the tiny gap left for your eyes and nose. It’s a standard grey marl colour which matches pretty much 90% of my wardrobe.  The other 10% is fastly turning a dusky pink colour…

Since i had Wren, subtle shades of pink have been making their way into my wardrobe.  Think dusky pink hues, baby pink and the pink of the Acne Studios logo.  I just can’t seem to get enough.  This is another Alpaca Beanie from Robertson and Rhodes and it’s the perfect shade for adding that little something to an otherwise colourless outfit. 

Do you guys have a go-to hat or headwear for the Winter?  Have you found the colours in your wardrobe changing since you had a baby? Or is it just me? 

Have a great weekend. 

Sarah x 


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