Behold, my new winter coat, she’s pretty right? I’ve had this Top shop coat since, maybe August? and i’ve been dying to get her out.  Maybe once or twice i tried, only to be scorched by the mid afternoon sunshine, so i am beyond glad that the crisp, cold seasons are upon us and i can dress like myself again.  I love a slouch coat, this is wool, so comes in at £95 but it’s so warm, and i love the length.  There isn’t a fastening on the front but i don’t think that takes anything away from the coat itself, i like how it drapes open! The coat is still available online here so go grab your camel coat for the season and thank me later. 

Speaking of ‘…like myself again’ i finally do, feel like myself.  I can fit back into pre-pregnancy clothes, which ironically i’ve been clearing out, and focussing on a capsule wardrobe of specific, investment pieces.  I got a fresh hair cut and i’ve begun working out again, all whilst doing my most favourite job, watching my little grow.  It’s amazing what a little self love can do for ya, and i recommend it to all new mums, be kind to yourself guys, you’re doing an amazing job. 

Sarah x 


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