French Onion Soup

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There is nothing better than a pot of homemade soup during the Autumnal months.  Since our local fruit and veg shop reopened i've been on Pinterest searching for soup recipes to adapt and experiment with.  So first up is this French Onion Soup with Croutons topped with Gruyère cheese and Worcestershire Sauce. Here goes...

For the Soup : 
3 Yellow Onions - Sliced
2 Garlic Cloves - Minced
Teaspoon of Sugar
1 Bay Leaf
Dried (or fresh) Thyme - a few pinches
Table Spoon of Plain Flower
3 Pints Beef Stock

For the Croutons :  
Lea and Perrins
Gruyère cheese Grated 

Method : 
Melt a knob of butter in a large pan and add your Onions and Garlic.  Add the sugar and stir continuously until the onions are soft and have turned brown/caramelised. Make sure that they do not burn!! Add in your plain flower and coat the onions.  Pour over your Beef Stock, add your Thyme and Bay Leaf and leave to simmer on a medium heat for around 20-30 minutes.  If you're feeling sassy, add a bit of the Lea and Perrins to the pan!! 

Next up....
Toast your baguette slices under the grill and add the cheese to the top and melt along with the Lea and Perrins.  Once bubbling, add to your soups and serve! Eh Voila! Super easy, and SO tasty! 

Stay tuned for my Tomato and Red Pepper Soup Recipe coming up on Friday! 

Sarah x 
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