If you’ve been following my accounts for a while, you’ll know that i am a big supporter of breast feeding, and all the goodness it provides for your baby.  When i got pregnant i started to research ways to ensure i would have enough milk to feed my baby, you may have caught my post i did with a recipe for Lactation Cookies?  Well that’s just one of the fun ways you can make sure you’re producing enough to feed the growing person you’ve given birth to.  Another tasty, and fun way i’ve found to promote milk supply is Boo.B.smoothies containing all the lovely breast milk promoting ingredients you need. Through the wonders of Instagram I contacted Siaba, Mama Boss and Owner of Boo.B.Smoothie to get an insight into how she came about producing such an amazing product. 

Back in 2015 Siaba Tumoe became a mum, and like a lot of us, decided she wanted to breast feed her baby.  However, as it is with breast feeding, things don’t just happen, it’s not always so easy and it can cause some major Stress.  Siaba is lucky enough to have a mother who researched different foods that would help her produce more milk and she began to make sure they were incorporated into her cooking at home.  With a new found interest in to the ‘Lactogenic’ foods her mum had discovered, Siaba began to make smoothies with the ingredients, a quick and convenient way to get them into your system, great for busy mums.  After sharing her smoothies with friends, and receiving great feed back, Siaba began her Boo.B.Smoothie journey…. 

The sachets come in three different flavours, Chocolate, Strawberry and Peanut Butter and Banana all of which are delicious! The only thing you need to add is half a banana and a cup of milk, almond milk, rice milk, whatever you fancy.  If you’re feeling adventurous the Strawberry sachet is great in a fruit smoothie, adding in some more fruit, (some frozen) you’ll make a great healthy drink that tastes amazing and promotes a great and steady supply of mum milk! Siaba has created something great, not only an awesome product, but a great support system for mums and their boobs! Thanks Siaba, we owe you one!! 

Sarah x  


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